Super Mario 64 Gets Ported To The Game Boy Advance

super mario 64 port

Super Mario 64 is undoubtedly one of the best retro video games of all time, with many iterations and remakes being crafted since launch, but it has yet to make it to one of the best handhelds ever made… the Game Boy Advance, until now.

Spotted by Nintendo Life, a modder by the name of Joshua Barretto has been working on this port for sometime, with many different iterations over the last several months.

The latest iteration has seen lots of improvements with Super Mario looking more like Mario than a cone, all thanks to Joshua’s incredible work. He is writing the code himself instead of using shortcuts or popular engines that simplify things

The latest version shows graphical enhancements and extra features such as pause and improved textures to make it look more like the original N64 game. You can now see the unique movements that Mario can do, such as jumping, diving, crouching and somersaulting.

You can even change the resolutions, view distances and speed in the settings too which is another new addition to the latest version.

Joshua will be making many more enhancements over the coming months so I am excited to follow his journey in making this an open-source port for many to enjoy. It’s certainly got a long way to go, and can look incredibly trippy at times, but nonetheless an incredible feat by the modding community.

We will keep our community updated with Joshua’s ventures, so be sure to come back in a couple of months to see what he is up to! Good luck Joshua!

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