Legendary Golden Sun Series Arrives On Nintendo Switch Next Week

Golden Sun

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Nintendo has just announced that their classic Game Boy Advance Golden Sun series arrives on Nintendo Switch via their online service next week! RPGs Golden Sun and Golden Sun: The Lost Age will be heading to the Game Boy Advance player – we’re going to need to put some serious time aside for those!

The Golden Sun series was developed by Camelot who had a bit of experience with jRPG titles, creating the Shining Force games that appeared on our lists of the best SEGA RPGs and best SEGA Genesis RPGs.

And it was not just Sega hardware where Camelot saw massive success. They also developed several familiar Nintendo titles like Mario Golf and Mario Tennis. Yeah, not quite the jRPG territory we think of Camelot for.

But fear not, because they also delivered two of the most incredible RPG titles to appear on the Game Boy Advanced in Golden Sun and Golden Sun: The Lost Age.

Golden Sun / Golden Sun: The Lost Age

Golden Sun Series Arrives On Nintendo Switch - gameplay images
Image Source: Nintendo

Many familiar players, ourselves included, believe that you really need to play both games in the series to get the full Golden Sun experience.

And it would seem that Nintendo agreed when finally bringing these RPG classics to the contemporary audience.

Both Golden Sun games share the number one spot on our list of the best GBA RPGs of all time. And it is their incredible story, the beautiful graphics, and compelling game play that keeps us coming back to these titles.

If you are a hardcore retro enthusiast, then we would expect you to know these games well. But if you’ve somehow missed out on these incredible must-play RPGs, then you’re in luck. Because you’ve got the privilege of playing them for the first time, something we wish we could experience again.

Golden Sun announcement on Twitter
Image Source: Nintendo

It is very cool to see some of these legendary games from our own personal video game history making a return all these years later and being exposed to a new group of game enthusiasts.

With current generation titles like Octopath Traveler and Star Ocean The Second Story R, or the people developing games for retro hardware like my own The Mayor of Sanctuary, perhaps we will see many more retro style titles appearing on current generation hardware in the near future.

The Golden Sun series arrives on Nintendo Switch for Switch Online + Expansion Pack members on January 17th.

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