New GBA Game Goodboy Galaxy Now Available For Pre-Order

Goodboy Galaxy

Goodboy Galaxy is a brand new game for the Game Boy Advance that is available on Nintendo Switch, PC, and actual physical cartridges for the original GBA.

Like many of the best modern games for retro systems, Goodboy Galaxy started as a game jam submission back in 2018. It has since expanded into an incredible full game experience.

And we are happy that the team decided to go all in on this project. Because surely you’d agree that this is looking like one of the most exciting Game Boy games to release in the current generation.

Goodboy Galaxy

Goodboy Galaxy

The developers of Goodboy Galaxy compare it to classics like Metroid and Cave Story.

I certainly see shades of many of the best Gameboy Advance (GBA) games like Wario Land 4, Drill Dozer, and Kirby & The Amazing Mirror.

All great games to be in the same company as, and we definitely mean this as a compliment.

Goodboy Galaxy is a platforming experience, at its core. We can expect a lot of running, jumping, shooting, and unique level designs that offer puzzle elements and a bunch of enemies to eliminate.

Goodboy Galaxy

The graphics, in particular, are very gorgeous. Incredible pixel art, animation, effects, use of color, and a strong sense of identity. All top notch work.

Goodboy Galaxy promises a ton of unique levels, charming characters, a variety of weapons, and secrets to discover.

And I am absolutely looking forward to exploring the beautiful world that Rik Nicol, Jeremy Clarke and their team have created.

Purchasing Information

Goodboy Galaxy

Goodboy Galaxy will be available on the Steam store and on the Nintendo Switch store. So if you’ve only got current generation hardware, there’s two great options for you right there.

But what particularly excites us is that this is a true GBA game, created for original hardware.

So if you’re cool and still own a Game Boy Advance, this is going to be an incredible addition to your collection.

If you’re on the fence about the game and need to feel it out first, there is also a free demo available on

The physical editions of Goodboy Galaxy are available for pre-order through First Press Games.

And there are quite a lot of different packages available. So you’ll definitely want to go check out the website to see which is a best fit in your collection.

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