New Sonic LEGO Sets for 2024 Appear To Leak Online

That dastardly LEGO Eggman must be up to his old tricks again as four new Sonic LEGO sets for 2024 appear to have leaked online.

Well known LEGO leaker ‘mtdbricks’ posted the names, prices and product numbers for several new sets inspired by the Sonic franchise on their Instagram. A fourth set aimed at older LEGO fans ALSO leaked on the photo sharing platform.

The three new Sonic LEGO sets for 2024 leaked by ‘mtdbricks’ will supposedly launch during the Summer. The new sets will join five brand new Sonic LEGO sets that SEGA & LEGO revealed in December.

The potential 2024 Sonic LEGO sets with names have given us a pretty good idea of what to expect. The sets are; Tails Adventure Boat, Knuckles and the Master Emerald Shrine and Super Sonic vs. Egg Drillster.

We’ve taken a dive into Sonic’s history below to shed some light on what LEGO Sonic fans can look for in 2024.

Tails’ Adventure Boat

Image credit: SEGA

Kicking off the new Sonic LEGO sets for 2024 is Tails’ Adventure Boat. The two-tailed fox isn’t just Sonic’s best friend but he’s also a mechanical and engineering genius who loves to build and tinker with machines, vehicles and contraptions.

Tails’ Adventure Boat is almost certainly based on the 1995 Sega Game Gear title, Tails Adventure. The game is a spin-off that sees our favourite foxy companion battle through Cocoa Island after it’s invaded by the Battle Kukku Empire. Gameplay is much slower than other Sonic titles but players will control Tails as they lob bombs at nefarious ducks in mech suits so it’s not all bad!

Tails Adventure sees our hero piloting a mini water craft that is likely to be the inspiration behind this new LEGO set. It’s expected to cost $60 when it sets sail this Summer.

Knuckles And The Master Emerald

The second of the four new Sonic LEGO sets for 2024 is titled ‘Knuckles and the Master Emerald Shrine’. Bizarrely, we’ve recently seen another Sonic LEGO set featuring Knuckles and the Master Emerald.

In November of last year, we reported the existence of a new LEGO set featuring the protector of the Master Emerald when he appeared alongside Rouge while piloting a Knuckles-themed mech.

The set also leaked ahead of its official announcement and is now known by its proper name, ‘Knuckles’ Guardian Mech‘.

The Guardian Mech LEGO set released earlier this month and also includes the iconic Master Emerald. The newly leaked set apparently comes with 325 pieces and will have the item designation of 76998.

It will be interesting to see what the geniuses at LEGO are cooking up for this next set with Knuckles and the Master Emerald. The recent leak suggests a retail price of $50. Perhaps that will be enough to cover the cost of a detailed LEGO version of the Master Emerald Shrine from Sonic 3 & Knuckles.

Super Sonic vs. Egg Drillster

This is the Sonic LEGO set for 2024 that has really caught my attention. The Egg Drillster is the first boss that appears in Sonic 2 and one of the first bosses I ever encountered in a video game.

You can see the iconic Egg Drillster in our screenshot above, taken during a Boss Rush attempt on the wonderful Sonic Origins Plus on PlayStation 5.

In Sonic 2, Dr. Robotnik ambushes Sonic and Tails at the end of Emerald Hill Zone Act 2, descending from the skies into the Egg Drillster before driving back and forth as he attempts to turn Sonic into a hedgehog kebab.

I hope the drill on the front of the Egg Drillster is spring-loaded, allowing fans to recreate the moment the evil Doctor launches it at Sonic in a last-ditch attempt to turn the Blue Blur into roadkill.

Of course, the Egg Drillster isn’t the only reason to be excited by this 590 piece set. Despite being a fan favourite, Super Sonic has yet to appear in LEGO minifig form. Maybe that is about to finally change this Summer. Super Sonic vs. Egg Drillster will apparently retail for $100.

The Mysterious Sonic LEGO For Adults

Last but not least, there’s a fourth Sonic LEGO set rumoured to release in 2024 and this one is aimed at slightly bigger kids.

Set number 77000 is reportedly designed for adults and will be more complex than the previous three kits detailed above.

First posted by known LEGO leaker 1414falconfan on Instagram, little is known about this upcoming Sonic LEGO set apart from it could contain 720 pieces and have an October release date.

LEGO’s 18+ range typically feature more complicated designs and builds for older fans. The Sonic franchise has many different scenes and stages that could transition nicely into a LEGO set for adults in 2024.

Maybe we will see a LEGO interpretation of the iconic Death Egg or a plastic recreation of Chemical Plant Zone? I’m sure a LEGO version of Sonic 3’s infamous ‘Barrel of Doom’ puzzle would also go down (and up) well with older fans.

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