First Look at Knuckles And Rouge In Leaked Sonic LEGO Sets

We’ve finally had our first look at the Knuckles and Rouge LEGO sets from a leaked image of the upcoming Shadow’s Escape LEGO set.

The Shadow’s Escape LEGO set is due for release in January but it appears Shadow has broken loose early as the new sets are starting to circulate out in the wild.

Shadow's Escape Lego set
Credit: Sega/Lego/Sonic Merch NEws

The unannounced Knuckles and Rogue LEGO set appears in the instruction manual for the new set. Sonic Merch News shared a better look at the page and we can see Knuckles and Rouge in all their bricky glory.

Knuckles and Rogue LEGO set
Credit: Sega/Lego/Sonic Merch NEws

The image of the Knuckles and Rouge LEGO set shows Knuckles piloting a mech in the same colour scheme as the world’s most famous echinda. Meanwhile, Rouge is flying atop a glider that would make Norman Osborn green with envy.

The new Knuckles and Rouge LEGO set will also feature the Master Emerald, housed within a special plinth made of Denmark’s most popular export.

The new set immortalises the defender of the Master Emerald and the former spy in their own LEGO set for the first time.

The 276 piece Knuckles and Rouge LEGO set, dubbed the ‘Knuckles Mech Battle Set’, is expected to be available in January and retail for $32.99.

Gotta LEGO Fast

Rouge, Knuckles and Shadow LEGO minifigs
Credit: Sega/Lego/Sonic Merch NEws

We knew that Shadow, Knuckles and Rogue LEGO sets were coming thanks to the little tease that LEGO shared on it’s social media channels last month. The post specified that delays in production of the new LEGO Sonic characters was down to LEGO Dr. Eggman’s interference.

If you haven’t seen the amazing LEGO Sonic The Hedgehog marketing campaigns I urge you to check them out. The ongoing campaign features LEGO Dr. Eggman taking control of a LEGO employee called Carl and forcing him to do his evil bidding throughout LEGO’s Headquarters in Denmark.

It will be interesting to see if the Knuckles and Rouge LEGO sets feature in a new video with our favourite evil Doctor.

Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy and Robotnik all received LEGO minifig skins in the recent Sonic Superstars video game, but will you be taking LEGO Knuckles and Rouge home to your collector’s lair?

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