Retro Fighters Duelist Is A Buff Gamecube Controller For Your Switch

If you’re a die-hard Super Smash Bros Ultimate fan, then you’re going to want to know about the Retro Fighters Duelist controller. It’s a brand new, pro-controller-style remote for the Nintendo Switch, and it’s got some incredible features that make it perfect for a button mash smash!

Super Smash Bros was one of the best N64 games of all time, but it really came into its own on the GameCube.

The controller was perfect; big A button for mashing quick attacks, c-stick for smash moves, triggers for throwing. The whole package was perfect, and thanks to Retro Fighters, we can relive that same magic on the Switch!

Retro Fighters Duelist Controller Joins The Battle!

Retro Fighters Duelist - next to a Switch console

Who Are Retro Fighters?

Before we begin, you should probably get to know the people behind the magic.

Retro Fighters is a company based in Los Angeles, California. You may well have read about them in our article on the Retro Fighters Dreamcast controller. If so, you’ll already know that they’re dedicated to reviving old tech and improving the way that we play our favourite games on multiple consoles.

The Retro Fighters team have already released several retro-gaming products on Kickstarter, but their latest invention is one that will make Super Smash fans the world over feel like Christmas has come early.

This family-owned video game accessory company know a thing or two about what makes a gamers mind tick, and boy do they know how to get us excited!

What Is The Retro Fighters Duelist Controller?

Retro Fighters Duelist - hand placement

The Retro Fighters Duelist controller is a custom-built controller designed specifically for Super Smash Bros Ultimate on the Nintendo Switch. It adds a touch of nostalgia, paying homage to the GameCube, and provides a whole new way to play.

This wireless gamepad has been built with three things in mind; comfort, ergonomics, and pure smashability. That last point doesn’t mean you can throw it against the cat in anger; it’s much more exciting and not in any way harmful to cats.

In essence, this remote is a wireless gamepad that can be played up to a whopping 30m away from your Nintendo Switch. But, it’s the special features that this controller has that will blow your mind!

What Makes This Controller Different To Other Nintendo Switch Remotes?

For starters, it’s unlike any of the other Best Nintendo Switch Controllers for the system because it does look like a buff GameCube controller. Imagine a GC pad on steroids or one that has been pumped full of rare candy so it levels up quicker.

The attention to detail is the first thing that caught our eye. Retro Fighters has replicated the original GameCube buttons on their new remote. You can mash that enlarged A-button all day long, and the same colours have been used for the B, X, and Y-buttons too.

We love the fact that there’s a proper C-stick on here too. My tactic back in the day was just to rock the C-stick and charge up those high-power moves. My mates hated it, but I was always victorious. What’s more, the C-stick looks exactly like the old one – this is bringing back memories!

Does The Retro Fighters Duelist Have Any Special Features?

The controller has two new buttons that are specifically designed to aid the Super Smash Bros Ultimate fighter to victory.

Between the X and Y-buttons, you’ll find a new button – the S-button. This can either stand for ‘Smash’ or ‘Short hop’, and here’s how to use it.

On a regular gamepad, you’d have to press A+B or A+forward on the analog stick to perform a Smash move. Similarly, you would have to press X + A or Y + A to perform a short hop. With the S-button, you can do all of these with ease, leaving you to prepare for your next move.

You can switch between Smash and Short hop functions by using the second button – the Mode Attack button. This can be found at the tip of the cool-looking V-layout in the centre of the controller. And what symbol is used for the Mode Attack button – a Punch icon.

This remote just keeps getting better and better!

How Does It Work?

Retro Fighters Duelist - close up

Thanks to the ergonomic button layout, the Retro Fighter Duelist is super simple to use. If you’re a GameCube fan, then you should be able to move seamlessly between the two controllers and hardly notice a difference!

No matter where you place your thumb, your never too far away from an action button. This controller will reduce strain and provide a much more comfortable gaming experience without fail.

The controller has a Lithium-Ion battery and can be charger via USB-C. It uses the latest Bluetooth wireless technology for a super stable connection, and you can charge it straight from the USB port in your Switch dock.

How Do I Get My Hands On One?

You can back Retro Fighters on their Kickstarter page.

When Will It Ship?

Providing Retro Fighters meet their deadline, all controllers will ship in September 2020. Judging bu the fact that the campaign has only been live for 1 day and they’ve already achieved 75% of their target, I think that we can safely assume that orders will go out on time.

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