8 Best Nintendo Switch Controllers Of 2024 [All Reviewed]

best nintendo switch controllers

Whether you bought a Switch when it launched or are new to the console, you NEED to know about the Best Nintendo Switch Controllers for the system.

Why? Because you can never have too many controllers, and that’s a fact!

The Nintendo Switch might be all about handheld play and portability, but it still has an arsenal of exciting controllers that you can use while kicking back on your sofa in front of your TV.

Ditch the Joycon grip and check out our list below. We’ve found some of the best looking and most exciting controllers for the console. All you need to do now is decide which one will be your next purchase (or just buy all 13!)

1. CRKD Nitro Deck

crkd nitro deck review

We were fortunate enough to get a early hands on with the CRKD Nitro Deck, a superb new Nintendo Switch controller that mixes modern tech with nostalgic design.

This controller starts at $59.99 for standard editions and $89.99 for the nostalgia series which comes in different colours and you get a pretty average carry case as a bonus.

It works with both the standard and OLED Nintendo Switch. You lock it into place by sliding in your console, and you will feel a strong, bouncy clunk when your Switch locks into the place.

It’s a large grip, don’t get me wrong, but this adds to the great comfortability and perfectly placed buttons.

The hall joysticks have removable caps, should you want to change up the design, there’s a turbo bottom on the bottom right that can be mapped to single, or multiple button presses, should you want to use it as a combo in fighting games for example.

The back features four back buttons that can be mapped too, with a pretty low quality kickstand which does need some work as ours has problems staying locked in place when not in use.

The shoulder buttons are also quite loud, and i found my partner being annoyed with the noise when playing in bed, so that’s something to consider.

But apart from those minor negatives it’s a great product, and a warm welcome to what CRKD has to offer in the coming years, it’s now our go to controller of the year!

2. 8BitDo Ultimate Controller (with Dock)

8bitdo ultimate controller

8BitDo’s Ultimate controller takes comfortability, battery life and build quality to an all new level. It’s best paired with the dock too so that you’ll never forget to charge it after a gaming session.

It’s a large controller filling adults hands comfortably, and comes with a wide number of unique features which are welcome on a controller that works not only with the Nintendo Switch, but PC and smartphones too.

Each button can be custom mapped and the analogue stick sensitivity can be changed for those that like less or more movement on your thumbs. It also has back triggers too known as P1/P2 which can also be mapped to your liking.

If you want to shoot quicker, you can also increase the sensitiviy of the normal triggers too, making this an all-round controller for multiple game genres.

But why I love it the most is due to its comfortability and good battery life, it’s simply a reliable controller that I know will always be charged thanks to its dock and I know i can use for hours on end because it’s designed close to perfectly.

I would like to see hall joysticks and removable face plates in the future though.

3. 8BitDo SN30 Pro+

8bitdo pro controller

This could well be the sleekest looking remote on our Best Nintendo Switch Controllers list. It’s matt black, has a bit of a Playstation meets SNES vibe about it, and it oozes cool.

This controller works with Nintendo Switch versions 3.0.0 and above. It can also be used with Android, PC, and Raspberry Pi devices too. If you’re looking for a one-size-fits-all gaming controller, then this is it!

8BitDo have included rumble, motion controls, and Turbo in this slick little number. The triggers are nice, the controller isn’t too heavy, and the select and start buttons are nicely spaced.

If you’re about to begin an epic quest such as BOTW or Mario Odyssey, then you owe it to yourself to use a comfortable remote like the SN30 Pro+. Check it out!

4. Gulikit King Kong Pro 2

If you’re looking for an advanced controller that will take your gaming to the next level, then the Gulikit King Kong Pro 2 has your back.

Ever heard of ‘hall sensor joystick’ technology? Well, Gulikit’s controllers are the first to implement it, and it basically means you’ll never have stick drift ever again.

The electromagnetic stick (which has been patented, so don’t be thinking of stealing the idea) guarantees no dead zones ever, which means it’s perfect for FPS games.

guli kit travel case

With Motion Sense for extremely fast aiming of bows, guns, and turning in racing games, and a slick Turbo Mode to save you button mashing or slamming the triggers, it’s a well thought out controller that both simplifies your gaming experience while enhancing it at the same time.

But here’s the real cool feature I’ve been saving till last – Smart Auto Pilot Gaming.

Players can actually record operations in 10-minute stints and have the controller play our their actions. If you’re mining, digging, or completing a boring pattern on a game, then let the Gulikit do the hard work while you have a cup of tea!

Oh and it comes with its own protective travel case!

5. RetroFlag Gamecube Controller

retroflag gamecube controller

The best Nintendo Switch controller of the year so far, has to be the RetroFlag Gamecube Nintendo Switch controller.

Released in December 2022, RetroFlag wanted to bring one of the best controllers of all time to the Nintendo Switch, and they did just that… with style.

This controller uses a “Pro Wired Connection” and your Switch slots into the USB-C port at the bottom giving it connectivity.

The controller only weights 270g, features hall analogue sticks (that resemble the Gamecube joysticks), motion/vibration functionality, fast charging and turbo functions.

All of this with incredible button placement, and the nostalgic coloured shells to match the Gamecube look.

The shoulder buttons are also fantastic, with nice travel, great feedback and superb comfortability. This comfortability comes from the curved back of the grips, making it perfect for large hands and long gaming sessions.

This is an all-round impeccable controller, one that has quickly become our favourite and will be for a long while.

The only downside is that (as of writing this article) it is only available in the USA and Canada, other locations are coming soon.

Read our full review: RetroFlag Gamecube Nintendo Switch Controller

6. Retro Fighters Brawler64

retro fighters brawler64

If you’re a big fan of the best N64 games, then this will be a controller for you. Made by Retro Fighters it is designed to bring the old classic N64 controller to life in a new, modern form factor.

The Brawler64 is a wireless gamepad that not only works with the Nintendo Switch but with your PC also. It features the classic grey colour way with bright vibrant coloured buttons that match the detailing of the Nintendo 64 controller.

In the hand its very comfortable, it feels thin around the main grips and lightweight, allowing for long play times without discomfort.

The analogue stick is incredibly rubbery, ad features the octagonal bumpers to give it a nostalgic feel. The DPAD is thick, large and perfect for Super Smash Bros or any of the best Nintendo Switch fighting games.

At the top it can be connected and charge via USB-C, this adds to the modernised feel of the controller and the shoulder buttons are smooth, easy to click and don’t have much travel to them.

Retro Fighters also price their products competitively too, and as of writing this comparison it only costs around $45 or $35 if you don’t mind it wired. Not bad at all!

7. HORI Switch Pad

hori switchpad

Of course, the Best Nintendo Switch Controllers don’t all have to be for TV play!

If you like the feel of a pro controller but tend to play handheld most of the time, then this HORI Switch Pad could be the remote for you. These bulky Joycons slide right onto the Switch screen itself, giving you a bigger surface area to grip onto and a couple more buttons to boot.

If you’re a handheld gamer, then you can revel in the inclusion of bigger buttons, easier to smash triggers, easy-grip analog sticks, and a super-sleek D-Pad. Life doesn’t get better than this!

As well as programmable rear buttons and Turbo functions, the HORI Switch Pad comes with Daemon X Machina branding. That might not mean anything to some of you, but it’s a nice touch for any fans out there.

8. NYXI Wizard

nyxi wizard nintendo switch controller

NYXI is a company making moves in the controller space, and recently they have decided to create a controller that Nintendo enthusiats have been demanding for a while now.

These are wireless Gamecube Joy-cons that are named NYXI Wizard.

These controllers can be used attached to the device, or slide off like normal joy-cons when you want to go portable mode.

It has been designed to look just like the Gamecube controller, so much so that you can even remove the joy-sticks and add the nostalgic octagon effect on the fly, this is a feature we haven’t seen in any of the other best Nintendo Switch controllers.

It even has triggers on the back of the controller that you can map. You can also map any button to be a turbo button, and you can level of vibration you want on each joy-con on the fly.

The action buttons light up to give it a modern effect and when attached to the Nintendo Switch it feels great even if the screen is slanted back slightly.

But I will mention they’re not the best in wireless mode. They are very light, making them fragile and weak against bumps and scratches.

The directional sensor is a little off at times, and the controller is impossible to play on in two player mode, as the extra shoulder buttons on the slide rail are tiny, alongside the main grip being in the way.

Oh and the buttons are all “fast riggers” meaning they sit very close to the contact, for me it would be annoying as i’d miss press all the time, but for those that want a responsive controller you may enjoy that.

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