PS1 & PS2 Games Could Be Coming To PS5 In 2022

2022 is already shaping up to be an incredible year, and now the news that PS1 & PS2 games could be coming to the PS5 makes it even more exciting!

Sony has always been a big player in the online subscription and cloud gaming world. Heck, PS Now has access to tones of amazing games and is honestly still the best of the best PS3 emulators going.

But, with Nintendo’s Online subscription offering classic games from yesteryear now taking the world by storm, it only makes sense for Sony to step up to the plate and give the people what they want.

Yes, the best PS1 games and all the best PS2 games could be receiving the special PS5 treatment sooner than you first thought, complete with online functionality to boot.

Here’s everything we know!

PS1 & PS2 Games On PS5 – The Lowdown

PS1 & PS2 games could be coming to PS5 - all three consoles in a row

So, Sony are throwing themselves into the ring with the Xbox Game Pass and Nintendo Switch Online. And in true Sony form, they’ve given their subscription service a name that will smash the others into the dirt.


How freaking cool is that!

Like the other subscription services on the market, Spartacus will offer gamers the chance to play both retro and modern games for a monthly fee.

According to sources who wish to remain anonymous because Sony would gut them like a fish if they found out they’d squealed, the service is going to replace both PS Plus and PS Now, bringing them under one banner.

And, good news for PS4 users who still can’t get hold of a PS5 over a year after it came out, it’ll be dropping for both consoles.

When Is Spartacus Dropping?

Sony’s Spartacus subscription is set to launch in Spring 2022, so PS1 & PS2 games could be coming to PS5 in just a few months at the time of writing.

According to sources (not ketchup or mayonnaise), there will be three price points for users to sign up to, with the most expensive offering all the best retro Sony games from years gone by, including the best PSP games.

It’s no secret that Sony has fallen by the wayside a little compared to Xbox with their online gaming work. This is a direct attack to get ahead of the game once more, and what better way to do it than with a service named after one of the most vicious Gladiators of all time.

Yeah, don’t be surprised if you see a spear sticking out of your Series X in a few months time…

What PS1 & PS2 Games Do We Want To See On PS5?

It goes without saying that the original Metal Gear Solid and Snake Eater would be amazing to play again with the PS5 treatment.

Imagine seeing them with the same updated look as the Spyro: Reignited Trilogy!

Speaking of Spyro, him and Crash would be very welcome to the Spartacus party (Spartycus?), as would Final Fantasy VII and upwards.

There are so many games that it would be fantastic to revisit for older gamers, but this service plays a much more important role too.

Spartacus is helping to keep older games alive for new generations, stopping them from falling into obscurity and passing into the void like the Dreamcast.

It would be rude not to pay the subscription fee now you know that, right?

Keep checking back for more information on Spartacus and when PS1 and PS2 games could be coming to PS5 as and when we get them!

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