Miyoo P60 Is Another Android Based Retro Handheld “Coming Soon”

miyoo p60

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It’s about time we got some news about an upcoming affordable retro handheld, it feels like it has been ages and that’s primarily due to the lack of chips in China, but the Miyoo P60 has been leaked and it’s looking pretty snazzy!

For those who aren’t accustomed to Miyoo, they were previously behind the popular RK2020 and PocketGo S30, both fairly good handhelds, especially the S30 which was featured in our most underrated handhelds video recently.

Rarely do Miyoo brand the handhelds that they release, they mostly have generic names, but it looks like they want to compete with other brands and have now accidentally leaked the upcoming Miyoo P60.

The Miyoo P60 first came to our attention when a leak was uploaded to Obscure Handhelds YouTube channel, and it was showing off very smooth God of War Chains of Olympus for PSP gameplay, which as you know is no easy accomplishment and one of the best PSP games there is.

There’s also a video showcasing Gamecube gameplay, but we’ll talk more and show you about that in more detail below.

Most of the best retro handhelds under $150 struggle with this kind of emulation, so it must mean Miyoo are playing around with new powerful chips alongside a snappy Android operating system in order to run this.

But, when Chinese retro handheld manufacturers say “coming soon” that really means “whenever they want, and possibly not actually soon”, just the the KT R1 that was leaked many months ago, that still has yet to show itself.

And with more handhelds coming into the scene like the Odin Handheld and Steam Deck, there’s more competition than ever.

How Does The Miyoo P60 Look?

The Miyoo P60 is definitely a good looking handheld, it has the sharp RK2020 look, and the Pocket Go S30 button layouts but now with a more refined design.

It features a 4″ IPS display, with incredibly small borders. Around that you can see the concave DPAD, two analogue sticks (which will most likely be identical to the Switch), small start/select buttons, and action buttons that look like they’ve been taken straight from a SNES.

If you look closer, you can also see 3 LED’s at the bottom right which take inspiration from the classic Gameboy DMG speaker grill.

These are the only images that have been leaked, so it’s hard for us to determine what’s around the device and how it looks from the back, but we gather it will have the fundamentals like on/off, SD ports, volume, USB-C and maybe… just maybe mini HDMI out.

Miyoo P60 RK2020
Credit: Obscure Handhelds

As you can see in the above image, it’s slightly larger than the RK2020 due to it’s 4″ screen and overall aesthetic, it may even be slightly thicker too.

The gunmetal plastic shell and black buttons gives it that premium look, but we doubt Miyoo will go down the metal route, it seems as if handhelds are staying away from that due to profit margins and problems with it interfering with audio/wifi.

The shoulder buttons seem pretty flat, and small which might be difficult for some gamers to get use to. In fact the shoulder buttons look very similar to the RK2020, and in our review we mentioned we didn’t like them.

Which is a shame because Miyoo’s PocketGo S30 had some of the best shoulder buttons on the market!

Miyoo P60 Specifications (Rumoured)

  • 4″ IPS Touchscreen Display
  • 2.0Ghz Octa-Core MediaTek Helio P60 CPU
  • Mali G72 GPU
  • 3GB RAM
  • 32GB Internal Storage
  • 4000MAH Battery
  • Wifi & Bluetooth
  • Android 10/11

How Will The Miyoo P60 Perform?

The specifications of the Miyoo P60 are typically seen in budget smartphones, but manufactured and packaged correctly it could make for quite a powerful handheld if done right.

The above video showcases The Legend Of Zelda: The Windwaker, which as you know is one of the best Gamecube games around, and although it’s not running it at 60FPS, it’s doing a darn good job at running it.

Will it run all Gamecube games perfectly? Probably not, but I think it will do a good job at powering most, to a point where it could be worth picking it up for PSP and Gamecube games on the go.

This chip alone will smash any upcoming RK3326 handhelds, and it will most likely beat the rumoured RG552 in terms of performance, but probably not build quality.

The rumoured 4″ touchscreen will also help with the Android operating system and could open up new possibilities to bring in newcomers into the retro handheld scene.

I think touchscreen retro handhelds will become the norm by end of 2022, so it’s nice to see the Miyoo P60 starting the trend.

Miyoo P60 Release Date & Pricing

Miyoo have previously release very affordable handhelds, but the Miyoo P60 is unlike any of their older devices, and with a pretty snappy processor, a touch screen and Android 10/11, this could be touching on $199.

As of now, no rumoured price or release date has been revealed or leaked, but from what we can see the prototypes seem to be nearly finished which makes us believe it could release before the end of the year.

[Sources: Obscure Handhelds, AliExpress, Discord]

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