Best Ice Type Pokemon To Strengthen Your Team

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The weather is turning as I write this article, so it’s about time we checked out the best Ice type Pokemon to stick in your team!

Is your team cool enough? I know there’s ‘snow business’ like the Pokemon catching business, but no one wants a frosty reception when they enter those Poke gyms.

Yep, that’s all my jokes done, and I’ll probably use them again through this article, so just humour me.

Anyone looking to add some Ice power to their team need look no further. We’ve got all the best Ice type Pokemon right here for you to leave your opponents feeling a bitter chill.

Ok, let’s get this article started before I ruin my comedy career forever.

11. Aurorus

Aurorus - Best ice type Pokemon

Back when we were all playing Pokemon X & Y, a whole new bunch of fossil Pokemon came onto the scene and bumped Omanyte and Aerodactyl to one side.

Aurorus is is a fossil, but that doesn’t mean you can’t mean an old dog new tricks… or a new dinosaur… you know what I mean.

This diamond-sporting dino has ice type moves that would make your eyes water, or freeze, in this case.

Freeze Dry is a sweet move that will make the best water type Pokemon quake in their boots. A high Special Attack base of 99 twinned with powerful Ice moves certainly make it a formidable opponent in the right conditions.

Of which there are few thanks to Aurorus’ many weaknesses. You’ll have to get your move in first and be at a high level if you want to guarantee a win.

10. Avalugg

Avalugg is that big that you could be walking halfway across one before you realised that it was too late and the end of the world was nigh.

This is one strong critter. Any Ice type Pokemon would turn and walk away while whistling if Avalugg came along.

With high HP, defence, and attack stats, it can withstand hit after hit, biding its time until it strikes with a Goliath blow.

Bear in mind that while Ice type Pokemon don’t fare well against Avalugg, the big beast is weak against Rock, Fighting, Steel and the best fire type Pokemon.

That last one is a given; all Game of Thrones fans know that fire and ice don’t mix.

9. Weaville

Weaville - Best ice type Pokemon

Weaville might look like a cool customer, but you would be forgiven for not knowing that this is an ice type Pokemon.

Blink and you’ll miss it; Weaville is a fast critter, make no mistake.

Like Avalugg, ‘ol Weaville-features has a fair-few weaknesses. So its defence is a little weak, but with both Dark and Ice type moves in its roster, it can unleash some devastating attacks on its opponents.

Bug, Steel, Fire, Rock, Fighting, and the best Fairy type Pokemon will make short work of it. Still, playing tactically and bringing out Weaville now and again to law the smackdown on your enemies is always a good move.

8. Alolan Ninetales

Ninetales… an Ice type Pokemon?

I know, shocking, isn’t it. This is Alolan Nintetales, however, a Ninetails that lives in the cold, snow-strewn mountains of Alola and just keeps itself to itself.

If you loved the original Ninetails, then this one looks even more suave.

Forget about its looks for a second though; the twin combo of Snow Warning and Aurora Veil is like a tag-team winning move in a WWE match.

Until someone gets the steel out, that is. With a whopping 4x weakness to Steel type Pokemon, I wouldn’t be getting it out against Registeel.

Still, the fact that Ninetales is both Ice and Fairy type means that there are some amazing moves in its potential arsenal. Use a couple of choice Psychic TMs and watch the other side quiver in fear… or shiver with cold.

7. Glaceon

Glaceon - Best ice type Pokemon

Glaceon is an Ice type Pokemon that any Eevee fans will certainly already know a lot about.

Like Pikachu, Pokemon fans love Eevee and the many different variations that can come from ‘eevolving’ it.

But I don’t want you thinking that Glaceon is only here because it brings the paparazzi to the party. It has impressive defence stat that can cope with many standard hits you might come across.

And it’s Special Attack stat is definitely not one to be snubbed. With powerful TMs, some careful levelling up, and a strategic mind, Glaceon is a brilliant choice for any team.

6. Regice

Who’s up for a legendary Ice type Pokemon?

Out of all the creatures in Hoenn, Regice is perhaps the one I would least like to fins myself facing in real life. I reckon one move and bang, I’d be an icicle forever.

Regice is slow, but don’t worry about that too much. With 100 base defence and 200 Special defence, it’s not exactly going to go down in a hurry.

Like many of the ice type Pokemon in this list, this frozen fighter is plagued with weaknesses. The main factor in your favour is that even against brutal attacks that would floor other Ice types, that defence is going to prevent Regice from being a one-hit non-wonder.

5. Mamoswine

Mamoswine - Best ice type Pokemon

With enormous icy tusks, Mamoswine is a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. A high Special Attack stat means that the more powerful Ice type moves like Blizzard are always welcome in this mammoth’s move set.

Still, and weirdly, Mamoswine is probably more suited to Ground-type attacks like Earthquake.

An Ice type Pokemon who can wield Ground type moves… where do we sign up!

Stone Edge and Icicle Crash are two moves I’d be teaching your Mamoswine straight away. The mammoth might be extinct, but Mamoswine will be in my team for many years to come!

4. Iron Bundle

If you’re thinking that this Ice type Pokemon looks a lot like a metal Delibird, then you’re not the only one. This is one fast metallic chap and falls under the category of both Ice and Water types.

What you’re looking at is a Paradox Pokemon, a new phenomenon from Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

One of the best moves this robo-bird has to offer is a new number called Quark Drive. As Speed is Iron Bundle’s best stat, the move gives it a dramatic boost, making this chilly owl (or whatever it is) strike first every time.

We’re loving discovering new Pokemon in Scarlet and Violet while covering the games extensively for our guides.

Check out how to Surf in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet to get yourself started!

Let’s not talk about the moves and types that cause 2x damage to Iron Bundle, it’s too cool to diss so early on its life.

Ok, so it’s Rock, Fighting, Grass, and Electric, but you didn’t heart it from me.

3. Mega Abomasnow

Mega Abomasnow - Best ice type Pokemon

Let’s up the ante with a Mega Pokemon. Just look at how ferocious Mega Abomasnow is, like a gigantic origami snowflake that could give you the world’s-worst paper cut.

With 240 base Attack and 191 base Defence, Abomasnow can tackle anything in its path.

Well, almost anything.

This gigantic monster is both an Ice type Pokemon and a Grass Type, meaning that fire moves and Flying type Pokemon can be its downfall.

Still, having the ability to use a strong move like Razor Leaf makes it perfect for tackling Water and Ground type Pokemon.

Long story short – Mega Abomasnow isn’t just a great all-rounder, it’s one of the most powerful all-rounders you could have on your team.

2. Kyurem

Black Kyurem looks incredible, doesn’t it? And its official Pokedex entry only adds to the mystique that this Ice type Pokemon brings to the table.

Take a look in your Pokedex and you’ll see that it makes a ‘powerful freezing energy’ inside its body. It’s like a radioactive fridge-freezer crossed with a dragon.

That last bit should have been in the Pokedex entry too!

Yes, you know how I feel about Dragon type Pokemon. I’m a huge fan of Dragons in any game, and this is definitely one of my favourite Pokemon. With moves like Outrage and Blizzard available, it’s a strong monster to have in any team.

Annoyingly, it’s vulnerable to a lot of types including Fairy and Steel. Still, Electric, Grass, and Water Pokemon are no match for it.

1. Articuno

Articuno - Best ice type Pokemon

It had to be Articuno, didn’t it. Articuno is the best Ice type Pokemon of all, the original legendary bird and a fantastic frosty ally for any player.

Can you remember the first time you caught Articuno on Seafoam Island? I think I used it in every battle from that point onwards!

The fact that it’s a Flying and Ice type means that it is immune to Ground attacks which is always handy.

With resistance to Grass types too, Articuno is a great and powerful leader that, with its Special Attack, can take your team to victory every time.

High HP and defence always help too, and Articuno has it all.

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