Best Fairy Type Pokemon To Add To Your Pokedex

Best Fairy Type Pokemon

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It’s time to head down to the woods and make some magic as we check out the best Fairy type Pokemon!

It wasn’t until the sixth generation of Pokemon games that the Fairy type was introduced. We’re going back to the Pokemon X and Pokemon Y days here, which you’ll also find on our best selling 3DS games list!

Interestingly, the Fairy type was the first new type of Pokemon to be introduced since the second generation games, Pokemon Gold and Pokemon Silver.

Initially intended to balance out Dragon (while you’re here, check out our best Dragon type Pokemon list!), Poison and Steel, Fairy type Pokemon may not be the most numerous pocket monster type in the Pokedex – with only 65 out of more than 900 creatures.

But among their number are some of the most powerful Pokemon overall.

Which ones are the best though? Let’s find out, as we check out the best Fairy type Pokemon!

10. Enamorus (Incarnate Forme)

Enamorus Incarnate Forme

Though Enamorus is one of the most recent Pokemon to be added to the Pokedex – with its reference number being #904 – it’s already proven itself to be one of the best Fairy type Pokemon.

Introduced in Pokemon Legends: Arceus, Fairy and Flying type Pokemon Enamorus has two forms: Incarnate and Therian. 

The main difference is in the Defense, Sp. Def and Speed stats. Though Enamorus in its Incarnate form has lower Defense and Sp. Def, it is incredibly fast.

Not only that, but Incarnate Enamorus also has the ability ‘Healer’ – which is able to heal an ally’s negative status conditions.

9. Enamorus (Therian Forme)

Enamorus Therian Forme - Fairy Type Pokemon

With Enamorus in its Incarnate Forme appearing on the our list, you’d naturally expect its Therian Forme to be here too.

So here we are! 

Beyond the already discussed stat differences – with Therian Forme Enamorus being slower but more defensively built than it is in its Incarnate Forme, though sharing its Fairy and Flying types – the ability that Enamorus has in its Therian Forme is completely different too.

Rather than having the Healer ability, Therian Forme Enamorus has Overcoat, which protects the Pokemon from damage in harsh weather conditions (such as Hail or Sandstorm).

Visually, and colour scheme aside, it’s also very different too. Rather than the genie-esque look of its Incarnate Forme, Enamorus looks somewhat like a turtle in its Therian Forme.

Which of course would explain its impressive defensive stats and slow Speed!

8. Mega Altaria

Mega Altaria

Introduced in generation three titles Pokemon Ruby and Pokemon Sapphire, Altaria is a Dragon and Flying type Pokemon (you’ll also find it on our best bird Pokemon list!).

However, its Mega variant, introduced in Pokemon Omega Ruby and Pokemon Alpha Sapphire, is a Dragon and Fairy type with some great stats.

Though slightly underwhelming when it comes to HP and Speed, Mega Altaria has great, consistent Attack, Defense, Sp. Atk and Sp. Def stats.

Not only that, but it gets a boost to its Fairy type nature with the Pixilate ability, which sees any Normal type Attacks become Fairy type, boosting their power by 20% too!

The combination of this excellent ability with the excellent offensive and defensive stats is why Mega Altaria makes it onto the list of the best Fairy type Pokemon!

7. Diancie

Diancie Fairy Type Pokemon

Making its debut in sixth generation titles Pokemon X and Pokemon Y, albeit as a Pokemon only available via special events, Diancie is a Jewel Pokemon that has both Rock and Fairy types.

Diancie’s Clear Body ability gives this Pokemon protection against its stats being lowered, which is useful as its Speed and HP stats are definitely underwhelming.

That being the case, why is Diancie so highly ranked on our best Fairy type Pokemon list?

Well, where a few of Diancie’s stats aren’t good – to say the least – it does have above average Attack and Sp. Atk.

It really excels when it comes to Defense and Sp. Def though, making this one tough Pokemon if used correctly!

6. Magearna


Originally available by scanning a QR code in Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon, Magearna is a unique, Mythical Pokemon that was – according to in-game lore – created by a genius scientist.

A Steel and Fairy type Pokemon, Magearna has good Attack, even better Defense and Sp. Def – but really excels with its Sp. Atk stat.

Magearna’s Soul-Heart ability can raise its Sp. Atk stat even further too. Soul-Heart ensures that every time a team mate faints, Magearna’s Sp. Atk stat is boosted!

If you can get hold of this elusive Pokemon, it’s clearly a great choice if you’re looking for a Fairy type Pokemon for your team – and it’s an obvious choice for our list!

5. Mega Gardevoir

Mega Gardevoir - Fairy Type Pokemon

Psychic and Fairy type Pokemon Gardevoir – which first appeared in Pokemon Ruby and Pokemon Sapphire, as an evolution of Kirlia (which itself evolves from Ralts) – isn’t a bad Pokemon by any means.

However, Gardevoir’s Mega variant, introduced in Pokemon X and Pokemon Y, is on a different level entirely.

Especially when it comes to its Sp. Atk and Sp. Def stats; in fact, its Sp. Atk stat is one of the very best in the whole Pokedex!

Which is why we here at Retro Dodo believe that Mega Gardevoir is definitely one of the best Fairy type Pokemon of all time!

4. Zacian (Hero of Many Battles)

Hero of Many Battles Zacian

Arriving late to the party and having only debuted relatively recently in Pokemon Sword and Shield on the Nintendo Switch, Zacian has proven to be an incredibly powerful Pokemon.

A Fairy type Pokemon, Zacian has two forms. But, it’s the Hero of Many Battles form that takes fourth place on our list.

With a genuinely impressive Speed stat – making it one of the fastest Pokemon in the Pokedex overall – and fantastic Attack too, this is one Pokemon that is just as fierce as it looks. 

It even has the Hidden Sword Ability, which immediately boosts Zacian’s Attack when it enters a battle.

So it’s clear that Zacian is one of the best Fairy type Pokemon. And (spoiler alert!) this won’t be the only time that you see Zacian on this list either!

3. Xerneas

Xerneas - Fairy Type Pokemon

Added to the Pokedex in the sixth generation games – Pokemon X and Pokemon Y – Xerneas is a Fairy type Pokemon also known as the ‘Life Pokemon’.

A Legendary Pokemon, Xerneas has some very impressive stats, with its HP, Attack and Sp. Atk stats in particular being very high.  

The Fairy Aura ability that Xerneas has also raises the power of Fairy type moves by a third, not just for Xerneas itself, but for all Pokemon on the battlefield!

Xerneas was initially exclusive to Pokemon X, but can also be found in Pokemon Ultra Sun, in the Ultra Space Wilds.

It’s definitely worth the effort in tracking down – and it’s absolutely deserving of its place in the top three best Fairy type Pokemon!

2. Mega Diancie

Mega Diancie

We’ve already covered Diancie earlier in this list, but what of the Mega form of Diancie?

Well – prepare yourself. Though its HP is still disappointing, in every other area of its stats, Rock and Fairy type Pokemon Mega Diancie truly excels. 

Both its Attack and Sp. Atk stats put it among the hardest hitters in the entire Pokedex.

Not only that, but Mega Diancie’s Magic Bounce ability even reflects status-changing moves back onto the attacker!

With all that considered, Mega Diancie is an obvious choice for second place on our list – but which one will we find right at the top? Let’s take a look! 

1. Zacian (Crowned Sword)

Crowned Sword Zacian - Fairy Type Pokemon

Seeing as Crowned Sword Zacian appeared on our very own best Pokemon team list, it shouldn’t be a surprise to see it appear here.

Nor should it be a surprise that one of our choices for the top six Pokemon overall, of more than 900 in the Pokedex, features at the very top of our best Fairy type Pokemon list!

Why is Crowned Sword Zacian our choice for the coveted number one spot though?

Well, it simply has no equal among Fairy type Pokemon. 

Crowned Sword Zacian – a Fairy and Steel type Pokemon – has an Attack stat that is devastatingly strong and its Speed is one of the highest in the Pokedex in general. Its other stats are genuinely impressive too!

Just as is the case with Zacian’s Hero of Many Battles form, the Ability that Crowned Sword Zacian has is Intrepid Sword – which boosts its already phenomenally strong Attack!

Another impressive aspect of Crowned Sword Zacian is just how few weaknesses it has against other Pokemon types – with only Fire and Ground types being a problem.

Despite being a late addition to the Pokedex and smaller in number than many other Pokemon types, it’s clear that Fairy types can definitely hold their own against most other pocket monsters. And in short, Crowned Sword Zacian is without a doubt the best Fairy Pokemon overall.

So Crowned Sword Zacian is more than deserving of its position at the top spot on the best Fairy type Pokemon list!

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