How To Make A Perfect Shot In Mario Strikers Battle League

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If you’re going to score big in Mazza’s new football title, then its time to figure out how to make a perfect shot in Mario Strikers Battle League!

Have you seen players pulling off shots from the halfway line that have curled all the way into the net? What about shots that have arced over the goalie with ease?

Those are perfect shots, and they’re sneaky little blighters that the opposition’s goalkeeper will have a hard time stopping.

Let’s discover how to make a perfect shot in Mario Strikers Battle League, what to do when one goes wrong, and how to make space to pull them off!

How To Make A Perfect Shot In Mario Strikers Battle League On Nintendo Switch

How To Make A Perfect Shot In Mario Strikers Battle League - Waluigi making a perfect shot

To make a perfect shot in Mario Strikers Battle League, simply hold the A-button to charge your shot. When the circle below your player is full, release to send a charged strike towards the goal.

Pressing A is a great way of firing off a sneaky shot, but if you want to get some power behind the ball, pressing and holding the A button is the way to go.

The great thing about a perfect shot is that you can curl them or raise them by holding back the left-analog stick. If your player has good shooting and/or technique stats, you’ll get a better shot.

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Tip – You don’t actually need to charge the shot up the whole way in order to get power behind it. If you see a player tackling you, release the ball before they get to you and use whatever power you’ve charged up.

It’s better to send a half-charged shot towards the goal than let it fall into the wrong hands… or feet.

Well, hands in the case of Wario and DK!

Making Space For A Perfect Shot

Pulling off a perfect shot takes time, and for time you need space. Use an item to clear an area or pass the ball to a player in space.

My personal favourite; using an item like a bob-omb on kick off and then curling in a cracking shot with my captain.

That really makes my mates mad!

Players can pull off a perfect shot anywhere in the oppositions half. I’ve successfully made many with Luigi and Yoshi from the centre line, and Waluigi is a wizard when it comes to curving them in from odd angles.

And that’s a wrap! Thanks for checking out this article on how to make a perfect shot in Mario Strikers. Hopefully, with the tips and tricks above, you’ll have all the info you need to push past the opposition and win those trophies.

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