How To Reset Mario Strikers Battle League

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Fed up of losing to the Canons or the Hearts? It’s time to check out how to reset Mario Strikers Battle League.

And yes, this includes the consequences of a rage quit.

For those that tried Normal Mode and went into Galactic Mode feeling like they were on top of the world, then knowing how to reset Mario Strikers Battle League will let you sleep well at night.

Trust me, I’ve been doing this a lot recently.

Maybe you’ve finished everything and want to start all over again, or perhaps you just can’t bear to see the opposition beating you in the Canon Cup for the hundredth time.

Here’s everything you need to know and what happens when you quit a match.

How To Reset Matches & Tournaments In Mario Strikers Battle League

If the game isn’t going to plan, players can reset matches & tournaments in Mario Strikers Battle League by pressing the plus button any time after kick off.

By pressing the plus button, the game will pause and bring up a menu. At the very bottom, players can quit their current match and return to the game hub.

Note – If you’re playing a tournament, quitting a game will count as a loss, and you’ll lose one heart. You can always restart the whole tournament or go ahead with one heart… but that last option will only bring more pain in the long run.

Unfortunately, this won’t work while a hyper strike cutscene is underway or a goal highlight is showing.

Rage Quitting Mario Strikers Battle League

how to reset Mario Strikers Battle League - Luigi on the floor

To rage quit Mario Strikers Battle League, press the home button on your controller and close the game, ending your progress.

I don’t want people to think that I’m a stressy player, but losing to the computer time and time again in this game makes my blood boil.

Sometimes, you just don’t want to wait for the game to start again or to see Wario’s smug-little smirk as he eats that garlic.

In these instances, just hit that home button and either change game or cancel proceedings altogether.

Note – When you come back to the Cup Battle mode, you’ll see a notice saying that quitting a game midway counts as a loss. Once again, you’ll lose a heart and be given the chance to proceed with either one heart or reset the tournament back to the beginning.

How To Reset Progress In Mario Strikers Battle League

To reset all progress in Mario Strikers Battle League, simply go to settings > data management > delete save data and chose the Mario Strikers Battle League file.

If you’ve completed everything, bought all the gear and want to experience the game from scratch all over again, then it’s time to start deleting.

Those wanting to reset so that they can play from the beginning just need to delete their save data and start the game up again.

It’s that simple!

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