How To Beat Galactic Mode In Mario Strikers Battle League

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If you’ve tackled Normal Mode and got a big smile on your face, then get ready to learn how to beat Galactic Mode in Mario Strikers Battle League.

And be prepared to have that smile wiped off your face too!

Normal Mode felt just tough enough to lull us into a false sense of security. We were beating the computer by 10 points to 2, feeling unstoppable.

And then Galactic Mode came and handed us our dignity on a rusty platter before dragging us into a world of pain.

Still, all is not lost. I’m going to tell you how to beat Galactic Mode in Mario Strikers Battle League once and for all.

It’s not going to be pretty, and it’s not going to happen immediately. But, if you use the tips below, you’ll be in with a better chance of picking up those 1,000 coin prize wins.

Oh, and rubbing it in your mate Nathan’s face too. That’s the most important thing.

Get The Right Team

How To Beat Galactic Mode In Mario Strikers Battle League - Picking the right team

Remember I told you how to pick the best team in Mario Strikers Battle League? Well, I still stand by that decision, especially because both Yoshi and Bowser both have great shooting skills with the right gear equipped.

Still, for Galactic Mode, I felt that a bruiser wasn’t exactly what I needed to win.

Technique and shooting stats from two strikers was what I needed to most, so I omitted Bowser in place of another Yoshi.

Note – you can still keep bowser, but check out the gear section below for more info.

So, with Waluigi being quick enough to perform that kick-off tackle and run into space for the ball, and both Luigi and the two Yoshi’s with technique and shooting stats that made scoring from the half-way line possible, everything kind of slotted into place.

Tip – Waluigi is great at lobbing the ball over the keeper’s head after kick off providing you create enough space with an item first.

Choose The Right Gear

If you want to beat Galactic Mode in Mario Strikers Battle League, then you’ll need the right gear.

First, open up my article on the best gear in Mario Strikers Battle League and familiarise yourself with the best options for each character.

In my opinion, you need one character with high speed, one with great technique, and two with high shooting stats.

That means plenty of turbo, trick, and cannon gear as well as some of the bushido pieces.

Check out how to unlock the bushido gear in Mario Strikers Battle League here if you haven’t got it already!

Use An Item On Kick Off

The best way of getting an early goal on kick off is to have an item stored up to use when the whistle blows. A bob-omb or a shell is best for this to create space for you to do a charged perfect shot, or if your team bagged an orb, a hyper strike.

Tap the X button as the whistle blows and make maximum impact. If you can’t make the shot with your captain, you should be able to make space to kick the ball to a player on the outskirts.

Hyper Strikes

How To Beat Galactic Mode In Mario Strikers Battle League - Hyper Strikes

I did a Hyper Strike the other day with 1 second to spare, a move that ultimately won the cup.

One thing that I’ve found is that in certain situations, a hyper strike in the opposition’s half at the top of the screen just near the centre line usually goes through without a hitch.

In multiple occasions, slower players like Donkey Kong have just looked at me while I pull off the strike without even batting an eyelid.

Again, this might just be luck, but try it out as it’s happened to me on multiple occasions now. Perhaps it was the computer feeling sorry for me, or maybe it’s just players DK and Wario are a bit thick.

Keep your cool when pulling off those hyper strikes. Don’t worry about a tackle coming; if one comes, it comes. Just concentrate on hitting those blue areas in your power bar and sit back while your player does their thing!

Dodge and Tackle, But Don’t Always Chase The Ball

Using charged tackles and dodging with the right joystick both help when getting the ball and making space to charge up your shots.

Still, don’t make the mistake of blindly chasing the ball when the opposition has it.

Sometimes it’s better to fall back and defend as a unit, taking time to watch where the ball is going to be rather than where it currently is now.

Intercepting a pass is much better than chasing a character to tackle them as you can run on with the ball into space, pass it, and then have a crack at shooting while all the opposition players are around your goal.

In short; don’t run around willy-nilly. Watch the ball, take your time, and find space. Plus, if more players are by you goal, it helps when collecting the ball as the keeper punches it out.

Make Sure You Have Enough Coins For Replaying Matches

Coins aren’t just for buying gear; you can use them to stay in the game if you get to a crucial match.

Once eliminated from a cup game, you can pay 100 coins to retry the match and have another crack.

Be warned though; the second time you’re eliminated, you’ll need to pay double the amount, and then double again for the third.

After paying 300 coins and losing both times, I felt 400 was a bit steep! Just keep at it and you’ll win eventually!

And that’s a wrap!

Thanks for checking out this article on how to beat Galactic Mode in Mario Strikers Battle League. Hopefully I’ve given you some choice tips on how to get your team in shape and some tactical manoeuvres to help you lift those trophies.

The main thing is to keep trying and don’t give in. Still, if you do get angry, check out how to reset Mario Strikers Battle League when the going gets too tough!

Let us know how things are going in your Galactic Mode struggles over on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

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