How To Get The Sound Off? Badge In Super Mario Bros. Wonder

how to get super mario bros wonder sound off badge

Want to get all of your badges in Mario’s new adventure? To get that full completion stat, you’ll first need to know how to get the Sound Off? Badge in Super Mario Bros. Wonder

The Super Mario Bros. Wonder Sound Off? Badge is one that is certainly elusive to most players.

This is due to the fact that it is probably the last badge you’ll be after in the game and one that many won’t go through the process of acquiring.

The badges as a whole are a great addition to Wonder and allow for some pretty unique gameplay elements so our guess is that you’ll also need to know the Sound Off? benefits.

Here, we’ll detail exactly what you need to do to get your hands on this badge as well as what it does so you can decide for yourself whether it’s worth the time investment.

How To Get The Sound Off? Badge In Super Mario Bros. Wonder

To secure yourself the difficult Sound Off? Badge, you will have to complete everything in the game.

This includes getting all Wonder Seeds, every 10-Flower Coin, and getting a Wonderful! Flagpole finish on each level.

You will need to locate all the secret exits to ensure you get everything so check out our guide to help you out there.

Once this has been achieved, a final challenge will be unlocked – The Final-Final Test Badge Marathon.

sound off badge mario wonder the final final test badge marathon

This is undoubtedly one of, if not the hardest level in the game so you will need to bring your A game in order to get it wrapped up.

After getting through this arduous affair, there will be a concluding house called WONDER? that you can then visit containing the all-important chest housing the Sound Off? Badge.

sound off badge super mario bros wonder

You’ll get a nice little message thanking you for playing and giving you the worthy title of SUPER WONDER.

What Does The Sound Off? Badge Do In Super Mario Bros. Wonder?

how to get sound off badge super mario bros wonder

So, considering all of this effort to get the last badge in the game must be extremely beneficial right?

Well, sadly you’ll likely be a bit disappointed if you’re looking for something to really enhance Mario’s powers.

Instead, what the Sound Off? Badge does is simply replace most of the sound effects in a level with more spoken word sound effects, making for some pretty wacky jingles.

While this is a fun easter egg somewhat, for you completionists out there that wanted something more tangible, you’ll definitely be left wanting.

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