Search Party Puzzling Park Guide in Super Mario Wonder

search party puzzling park guide

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This is one of the first areas of the game where I got stuck, and was searching the whole level for a good 30 minutes before finding all of the hidden Wonder Tokens.

This challenge requires you to search the level thoroughly, and many of the hidden sections, blocks and tokens are pretty much invisible.

But do not fear, Retro Dodo is here, and i’ll help you find every single Wonder Token in Puzzling Park in Super Mario Wonder.

You won’t need any of the Super Mario Wonder Power Ups either, you can go in with any. Let’s not waste any more of your time!

Wonder Token #1

The first wonder token can be found as soon as you leave the small cave that your start in. When you are located on the bridge, if you jump, it will reveal some blocks. Hit all blocks, and it will reveal the first wonder token.

Jump in the middle of the first level, and it will reveal 3 more blocks, allowing you to jump up and collect the first, and easiest Wonder Token.

Wonder Token #2

The second Wonder Token is another easy one. To find this one, it requires you to jump up into the golden tube, and your character can then be seen in the background.

Simply jump up and collect the wonder token to obtain it, then jump back up into the tube to be teleported back to the main area.

Super simple!

Wonder Token #3

The third Wonder Token in Puzzling Park is very well hidden, in fact I only managed to find it by accident, and likely why you may be here looking for a guide.

If you travel as far right as you can in the level you have the ability to drop down levels to another sections, but before doing that, the hidden block is on the edge of the first bridge.

Jump down, and then jump up to punch the invisible block. This will release a vine that you can climb and then reach the third wonder token which is floating mid air.

Wonder Token #4

The forth Wonder Token is a simple one.

Follow your way to the lowest point on the map, past the third token to the next level, and then past that level by falling down the bottom right hand side.

A Wonder Token will be waiting at the bottom of the level.

Take the pipe back up to access

Wonder Token #5

puzzling park wonder token 5

Another tricky Wonder Token to find is the last token.

This is found by jumping down to the middle level, you will come across a handful of pipes, the last pop furthest to the left can be moved.

Move this by pushing it east, so that’s in line with the first tunnel on the background.

Jump on it, and then jump again and you should come across a hidden block that reveals the last Wonder Token!

Once collected head back up to the top level and you can finish the level! I hope this Search Party Puzzling Park Guide in Super Mario Wonder helps.

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