All Power-Ups in Super Mario Bros Wonder

super mario bros wonder power-ups

If you’re getting stuck into Mario’s new adventure, then knowing all of the Super Mario Bros Wonder Power-Ups can be key to you conquering the many wacky levels in Nintendo’s new iteration.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder, while being another 2D Mario game to hit our consoles, is actually a relatively big shake up for the franchise.

Not only has the brilliant Charles Martinet retired from his Mario voice acting role, but there’s a bunch more changes to the traditional formula of the franchise.

The Power-Ups are definitely part of this, and it’s safe to say that they do require some getting used to.

Here, we’ll discuss each and every Power-Up in Super Mario Bros. Wonder and what they do so you know which to use the most.

Before we get into the Power-Ups, these are strictly the ones that you consume and are not the new Transformations that you might have seen from the trailer videos. We’ll get into that in another guide.

With that out of the way, let’s get into the core Power-Ups Super Mario Bros. Wonder.

1. Elephant Fruit

elephant fruit super mario bros wonder

First up, and probably the one that is most famous from the trailers for the game is the Elephant Fruit.

This one, as you would expect, turns Mario into an elephant and allows you to break blocks with your trunk.

Because of this, you’ll be able to make your way through some areas that simply aren’t possible as regular Mario, hopefully revealing some nice little secrets.

Additionally, when water is present, you can use your trunk again to spread that water further, sometimes gaining you some extra coins.

2. Bubble Flower

bubble flower super mario bros wonder

The Bubble Flower is another of the new Power-Ups to make it into Super Mario Bros Wonder and it has some interesting effects.

When you use this one, Mario essentially throws bubbles out that trap enemies inside.

Once they do get trapped, they’ll quickly turn into a coin, both getting rid of them and getting you closer to that all-important one up.

What you can also do is use the bubbles to jump onto, getting you to new heights in the levels 

3. Drill Mushroom

drill mushroom super mario bros wonder

The Drill Mushroom is another unique addition that comes with Super Mario Bros. Wonder, giving Mario some fun new powers.

Once you’re in this drill form, you’re able to dig into both the ground an ceiling of the levels, completely avoiding any potential damage that could come your way as well as allowing you to get to new areas.

Moreover, since the ‘drill’ part is on Mario’s head, if any enemies do drop down onto this, they will be hit by it.

Finally, you can ‘drill’ into breakable blocks with it also, which can allow you to get to hidden coins and much more.

4. Super Mushroom

super mushroom super mario bros wonder

An absolute classic, and probably the most iconic Power-Up in Mario franchise history is the Super Mushroom.

Of course, it is back in Super Mario Bros. Wonder and it does exactly the same thing as it always has – make Mario bigger.

What this allows you to do is take a hit from an enemy and not die, which is almost essential in some levels in order to get through them to the very end.

You’re also able to break those all-important Brick Blocks which can be important to getting to some areas.

5. Fire Flower

fire flower super mario bros wonder

Obviously a main staple in the franchise, the Fire Flower makes its return once again.

If you haven’t played a Mario game before, the Fire Flower changes the colors of Mario’s traditional clothes to white and red.

This isn’t all though, you’ll be able to shoot fireballs out of the character’s hand, taking out any enemies in your path.

This comes in extremely clutch when you’ve got a line of Goomba in your way, and especially against any bosses.

6. Super Star

super star super mario bros wonder

Want to become invincible? The Super Star is your go-to, just as it has been in Mario games of old.

You essentially become invulnerable for a short amount of time, allowing you to literally run through any enemies that lie in wait.

It also speeds you up slightly, making mince meat of any longer levels that could take up a bunch of time.

What it doesn’t do though is prevent you from dying from a fall through one of the gaps in a level, so keep that in mind before you get too reckless.

7. Wonder Flower

wonder flower super mario bros wonder

Last, but by no means least, is the Wonder Flower.

We’ve mentioned already that there are transformations in Super Mario Bros. Wonder, and it is these flowers that cause them.

These pop up at various points in levels and aren’t acquired through the traditional methods of hitting those Brick Blocks.

You also can’t pocket these for later use, which is again something a little different, but it makes sense considering the transformations they provide are quite tailored to each level.

Each transformation offers something very distinct from one another, so get excited any time you see one of these new flowers!

Final Thoughts

And there we have it; that’s all Power-ups in Super Mario Bros Wonder covered, leaving you to crack on with the story!

All in all, Super Mario Bros. Wonder is a brilliant new take on the classic 2D Mario formula that we all know and love.

With the new Power-Ups, it brings a freshness to the franchise as well as a more fun factor that’s appealing to all ages.

Some classics also return, as it wouldn’t be the same without them, but do try to get involved with as many new forms as possible because they hold some serious abilities!

If you’re still looking to buy Mario’s new game, then check out our article on where to buy Super Mario Bros. Wonder.

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