What Do Super Mario Bros. Wonder Check Marks Mean?

super mario bros wonder green check mark

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You might be seeing some Super Mario Bros. Wonder check marks appearing in your game but there isn’t anything to say what these actually mean.

By check marks we’re talking about the green ticks that you’re able to see on the level select screen, somewhat hidden behind the tally of what you have collected in that level.

They can be a little hard to spot but once you see one, we’re certain you’ll be questioning how and why these have started cropping up.

If you have seen one of these and are looking for more info, or are just curious as to how to get your hands on your very first one, we’ll be debunking everything you need to know below.

What Do Super Mario Bros. Wonder Check Marks Mean?

super mario bros wonder check mark

If you do see a Check Mark in Super Mario Bros. Wonder, this means that you have completed every single thing there is to do in that one level.

This includes all Wonder Seeds, every Purple 10 Coin, securing a Wonderful! Flagpole ending, and finding any secret exits that might be available.

In the earlier levels in the game, you may have got one of these check marks without even thinking but as you progress and things start to get a little challenging, you’ll definitely see less and less of these unless you’re going back and hunting for them.

Speaking of this, if you believe that you could have completed a level and you still see no green check mark, it almost lets you know that you’re missing a secret in there, probably an exit.

Therefore, we suggest keeping a beady eye out for these as you play and even replay the levels as they could be key to that 100%.

Furthering the check mark talk, once you secure one of these on all levels within a world, you’ll also get another confirmation that you’ve done everything there is to do in said world with a small green check mark at the top of your screen next to the world name.

super mario bros wonder check mark world

This is again useful as you won’t have to scroll through each and every world just to see if you have completed it fully or not.

In short, these check marks are useful for those looking to 100% Super Mario Bros. Wonder as fast as they can.

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