16 Best Ghost Type Pokemon To Add To Your Pokedex

Get ready to be spooked to your very core as we check out the best Ghost Type Pokemon for your team!

Ghost Type Pokemon have always had a special appeal. I mean, who doesn’t love ghosts!

As the games have progressed through the generations, some Ghost Pokemon have become less and less Ghost like, but that doesn’t mean that they haven’t become less spooky.

From haunted bramble to sarcophagi and blade-wielding spectres, there are so many incredible and quite frankly interesting and spectacular Pokemon in this list for you to discover.

So, grab your Poltergust3000 and head into battle (wrong franchise) as we check out the most terrifying Ghost Type Pokemon to take to the stadium!

1. Giratina

Giratina - Best Ghost Type Pokemon

Giratina is the ultimate Ghost Type Pokemon, and I don’t think anyone would argue with us on that fact.

Again, a duel Dragon and Ghost Type Pokemon, this beast is relentless in battle. With 150 HP, 120 defence and 120 Special Defence, it’s basically a tank on legs!

In terms of attack power, Giratina isn’t lacking either, with 100 for both attack and Special Attack. It’s speed is 90 aswell; how can something that big have such good speed?

As the main face of Pokemon Platinum, Giratina quickly became a favourite amongst fans. It’s made from antimatter from the distortion realm and is one of the heaviest Pokemon to feature in the games.

Not bad to say it’s a Ghost Dragon, right?

2. Dragapult

Dragapult, as you might have guessed, is a Dragon and Ghost Type Pokemon. And it’s another Speedy critter too, with a speed stat of 142.

Twinned with 120 attack and 100 Special Attack, and this swooping Dragon ghoulie is a seriously strong critter and one that we can’t get enough of.

Draco Meteor, Dragon Darts, Dragon Tail, Hex, Night Shade – there’s no wonder people love this little guy!

3. Pecharunt


Spot the new kid on the block; Pecharunt has made its debut in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet as part of the fantastic expansion pack ‘The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero’

A subjugation Pokemon with a ‘Poison Puppeteer’ ability, this dual ghost/poison type Pokemon is a cute but devilish little critter that can best be described as a the Imperius Curse reinvented in Pokemon form!

When I tell you that it has a stats total of 600, you’ll probably be incredibly amazed and rush to catch it, as you very well should. But I should probably warn you that its biggest stat is Defence at a whopping 160.

Everything else comes in it a respectable 88, but that Defence stat against Physical Attacks really is something special!

It’s Malignant Chain move wraps chains around an opponent and is one of the most brutal Poison moves going! How can something so cute be so brutal!

4. Ceruledge

Ceruledge - Best Ghost Type Pokemon

I think Ceruledge wins the coolest looking Ghost Type Pokemon award. With spectral blades and armour that Ganondorf would be proud of, this Pokemon looks and means business.

We’ve got another devastating Fire and Ghost Type combo here for you. Off the bat, Ceruledge has a crippling 125 attack that can slice through the opposition.

And, as I’ve said many timed before, the combo for Fire and Ghost moves is a great combo when you want to land a crushing blow.

Phantom Force, Flare Blitz, and even Psychic moves like Psycho Cut are unbelievable when used strategically in battle.

With a Special Defence of 100 and base speed of 85, Ceruledge is well positioned to make waves in any match.

5. Shadow Rider Calyrex

How cool does Calyrex look in his Shadow Rider variant!

If you’ve never played the Crown Tundra part of Pokemon Sword and Shield, then this guy might look a little strange. Still, the Psychic/Ghost Type Pokemon combination of Calyrex and Spectrier is a phenomenal force to be reckoned with.

As you might expect from a Pokemon atop a horse, its speed is seriously impressive at 150. It also has a magnificent Special Attack stat of 165 too.

And the moves; with both Psychic and Ghost type moves available to pick from, the list of brutal attacks is endless. If you see Future Sight being used, run the other way as fast as you can.

Though Spectrier will probably catch you up!

6. Skeledirge

Skeledirge - Best Ghost Type Pokemon

It’s time for another newbie from Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Skeledirge is the last evolution of starter Fuecoco, one of the cutest starters in Pokemon history!

And yes, Fuecoco did make our best cute Pokemon list!

Like Chandelure, Skeledirge is a Ghost and Fire Type Pokemon. That means moves like Fireblast and Shadow Claw are both on the table.

It also has access to some Dragon Type moves and a few grass moves too, making it a bit of an all-rounder.

An all-rounder with exceptional stats too.

with 104 base HP and 100 defence stats, it can more than hold its own against tough opponents. It’s speed is lacking, so having both Skeledirge and Gengar in a team would be a good bet.

Especially as Skeledirge also has a high Special Attack of 110!

Skeledirge is also useful for those wanting to know how to beat Grusha in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

7. Gengar

Everyone’s favourite original ghost boss takes the 7th spot in our best Ghost Type Pokemon list.

There were only three ghost Pokemon in the original Red and Blue games, and they’re all Gengar’s elbvoution chain.

Ghastly, Haunter, and Gengar were exciting and unpredictable Pokemon, especially because you couldn’t see them without the Silph Scope.

Gengar is fast too, with a base speed stat of 110. HIs attack and defence base stats aren’t amazing, but he makes up for it with a Special Attack of 130.

And with a half Ghost Type/half Poison Type make up, you won’t be short of special moves to choose from!

8. Aegislash

Being a Steel Type and Ghost Type Pokemon definitely has its bonuses, making Aegislash a strong Pokemon that you preferably want in your team rather than be facing one on the field.

Eagle eyed readers will see that Aegislash is made up of a shield and sword. In its Sword Forme, it sacrifices its defence stats and pushes them towards attack and Special Attack stats, and in Shield Forme, it does the opposite and bolsters defence and Special Defence stats.

This isn’t something that you have to do manually either. Whenever you do an offensive or defensive move, Aegislash swaps its stats around and either packs a serious punch or hunkers down for some defensive duties.

Some might say it’s a bit of a lever clogs!

9. Lunala

Lunala - Best Ghost Type Pokemon

Every Pokemon fan reading this article should know about Lunala. And, if you haven’t Played Pokemon Sun and Moon, you really need to question your life choices.

Looking like the bat that Golbat always wished it could be and something that Richter Belmont should be hunting down, Lunala is both a Psychic and Ghost Type Pokemon.

And you know what, it’s got some impressive stats all across the board. It’s got 137 base HP and Special Attack which is amazing.

Its 113 attack stat is pretty nice too, but a low defence stat of 89 means opponent hits are going to find their mark every time and quickly knock down HP.

Still, even without any stat-souping, Lunala is a great all-rounder and a sturdy Pokemon to slot into your team without any worrying.

10. Chandelure

I still don’t really know whether a chandelier can be a Pokemon, but Chandelure is a fan favourite and a sneaky little ghoul that undeniably cuts the mustard.

One thing I do know is that a Pokemon that is both Dark and Fire is a force to be reckoned with. Add in the fact that it can use epic moves like Shadow Ball, Overheat, Fire Blast and Poltergeist, it’s a strong Pokemon to have in your team.

Ok, so it’s not that fast, but it doesn’t need to be with a Special Attack of 145 under its belt.

Can a chandelier wear a belt? Who knows!

11. Dusknoir

Dusknoir - Best Ghost Type Pokemon

Dusknoir almost looks like a haunted version of a Golurk. It looks like a real hard hitter, but it wouldn’t really be able to hold its own against the other spooky characters in this list thanks to its weakness to Ghost Type Pokemon moves.

If you’re looking for a defensive player to add into your team, one that can take the hard hits and chip away at an opponents HP, then Dusknoir is your guy… ghost… ghost guy.

Both its defence and Special Defence stats are 135, making it a strategic choice to pull out when things are getting tough.

As you might imagine, it has a lot go Ghost moves available in its move set as well as some tasty Psychic and Normal moves too. If you work on that painfully slow speed stat, then Dusknoir could become a reliable all-rounder.

12. Houndstone

Houndstone is one cute customer. It’s also the second new Pokemon found in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet in our list.

As this is a Ghost Type Pokemon (and solely a Ghost Type Pokemon like Cofagrigus), it won’t surprise you to know that this is a reincarnation Pokemon.

Phantom Force and Night Shade are two powerful Ghost moves in its arsenal, but Pokemon players really enjoy the Sand Rush move, doubling its speed stat from 68 to 136 whenever a sandstorm hits.

And I don’t mean the song by Darude either.

With attack and defence as 101 and 100 respectively, this little pooch can more than hold its own in battle.

13. Cofagrigus

Cofagrigus - Best Ghost Type Pokemon

What a weird looking Pokemon, right? Cofagrigus might leave you calling for Mummy (great joke, right), but if its on your team, you’ll be laughing all the way to the Pharaoh Organ Deposit Point.

Cofagrigus is solely a Ghost Type Pokemon; there’s no mixing and matching to be had here. It’s a super defensive Pokemon too with a base defensive stat of 145. It’s Special Defence stat is 105 too, which you’ll agree is pretty impressive.

That’s where the good comments stop though.

Cofagrigus has terrible HP and attack, 58 and 50 respectively, which means you’re going to need to do some hard work levelling it up with those Rare Candies if you want to pull it out into battle.

14. Golurk

Golurk takes the 14th spot in our Ghost Type Pokemon list. It’s huge and packs a punch, with punch moves being its speciality.

Across the board, Golurks stats aren’t that impressive. Low speed and low Special Attack make it a little bit weaker compared to its ghostly counterparts.

Where Golurk shines is a stellar attack stat, racking up 124 in it Pokedex entry.

Golurk is both Ghost and Ground, which unfortunately means it has all the weaknesses Ground Type Pokemon succumb to.

Still, it can use Ground moves and even has some Electric moves up its sleeve.

I like Golurk because it’s a bit of an underdog and an allrounder. Hammer Arm and Phantom Force are two of my favourite moves to pull out in a battle, and they’ve got me out of a few sticky situations so far!

15. Hoopa

Hoopa - Best Ghost Type Pokemon

Looking like a cross between Haunter and Esmerelda, Hoopa is a Psychic and Ghost Type Pokemon.

WIth a High Special Attack of 150 and a Special Defence of 130, powerful moves are definitely on the table here. Still, with an attack of 110 too, even normal moves are going to pack a punch.

Shadow Ball is one of the most powerful Ghost moves that Hoopa can use, though to be honest, most of its moveset is made up of Psychic moves.

Does that technically need that it’s more Psychic than Ghost? I guess you’d have to bring it up with Hoopa, though don’t be surprised if its the last conversation you ever have!

16. Brambleghast

Last up on our list of the best Ghost Type Pokemon is a newbie onto the scene, Brambleghast!

If you’re thinking that Brambleghast looks and sounds like it might be partly a Grass Type Pokemon, then you would be right. It’s a tricky Pokemon to evolve in Pokemon Scarlet or Violet as it needs trainers to walk 1000 steps.

For those that haven’t played the game yet, the Let’s Go feature lets you leave your main Pokemon running around in the wild as you go about your business. They’ll stick close, auto battling and finding items.

It’s like actually training your Pokemon to have recall!

Put Bramblin in the top spot and let it move 1000 steps, then bang – out comes Brambleghast!

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