15 Heaviest Pokemon of All Time

It’s time to clear some space in your Pokemon bag as we check out the heaviest Pokémon of all time!

Pokemon come in all shapes and sizes, from tiny bugs and cute electric mice to huge kaiju-esque creatures.

With such a massive variety of Pokemon to find and collect, we here at Retro Dodo thought we’d take a look at which ones would be the most impressively heavy creatures in all of the games. 

Are they all Legendary? Or are some just regular Pokemon who happen to be much larger than the average ‘pocket’ monster?

15. Giratina (Altered Forme)

Giratina Altered Forme - top heaviest pokemon

Though sitting at the bottom of the heaviest Pokemon list, you could hardly accuse the Altered Forme of Giratina of being a lightweight – just for an admittedly extreme comparison, it’s 1653.3lbs heavier than the lightest Pokemon, Gastly! 

Giratina is a Ghost/Dragon type Pokemon and can be found in both Origin and Altered Formes. The Origin Forme – which sees Giratina lose its legs and become more like a very sinister-looking snake – is lighter, but its elongated tail makes it taller overall.

Giratina first appeared in the fourth generation games, which began with Pokemon Diamond and Pearl.

14. Zamazenta (Crowned Shield)

Crowned Shield Zamazenta

Weighing in at 1730.6lbs in its Crowned Shield form, Zamazenta is a Legendary Pokemon from the eighth generation titles Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield.

In order to transform Zamazenta into its Crowned Shield state, players must give it the Rusted Shield item.

The Rusted Shield must be very weighty, as the transformation sees the Pokemon become an awful lot heavier without actually changing in size! 

Of course, it could be argued that it’s not the Pokemon itself that’s heavy, but with the shield item physically transforming Zamazenta, we believe the creature has earned its spot on the heaviest Pokemon list!

13. Melmetal


Known as the ‘Hex Nut Pokemon’, Melmetal’s weight is pretty impressive – coming in at 1763.7lbs. 

Of course, an eight foot tall creature made entirely of metal (Melmetal is a Steel type Pokemon) is bound to weigh quite a bit. Still, Melmetal really is quite an impressively heavy Pokemon!

Though Melmetal evolves from Meltan, interestingly it can only evolve this way in Pokemon Go. 

Melmetal’s first appearance was in the seventh generation of Pokemon games, which kicked off with Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon.

12. Glastrier

Glastrier - top heaviest pokemon

Upon first glance, Glastrier doesn’t look like a Pokemon that would feature on the heaviest Pokemon list.

However, weighing in at 1763.7lbs, it’s clearly a creature that’s earned its spot here!

Glastrier is an Ice type Pokemon that was introduced in the eighth generation games, Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield. 

However, it can only be found in an area which is located on DLC for those games: The Crown Tundra. 

11. Calyrex (Ice Rider)

Ice Rider Calyrex

Another Pokemon from the eighth generation titles. Still, this entry is a bit of a cheat.

Why, you ask? Well, that’s because Calyrex alone isn’t a heavy Pokemon at all – with a weight of just 17lbs. 

Yet, in Ice Rider form, Calyrex’s weight becomes 1783.8lbs – and that’s because it’s actually bonded with a Glastrier!

And yes, we know that Glastrier’s weight plus Calyrex’s weight doesn’t equal 1783.8lbs – but we don’t make the rules.

10. Stakataka

Stakataka - top heaviest pokemon

An Ultra Beast who first appeared in Pokemon Sun and Moon, Stakataka is a hefty Rock/Steel type Pokemon – weighing 1807.8 lbs.

In its own way, Stakataka’s appearance here could be seen as just as much of a cheat as the Ice Rider form of Calyrex – as it’s actually made up of lots of smaller stone creatures, who of course way far less individually.

Yet – again, just like Calyrex’s Ice Rider form – the Pokedex does treat Stakataka as a single creature, so we will too!

9. Dialga (Origin Forme)

Dialga Origin Forme

The more recognisable, standard Dialga is pretty hefty – not enough to make it onto this list, a 1505.8 lbs – but its Origin Forme is enough to push it into the top 10 of the heaviest Pokemon list!

Dialga first appeared as a Legendary Pokemon in Diamond and Pearl (which you will also find on our best selling Nintendo DS games list), but its Origin Forme arrived in Pokemon Legends: Arceus. 

At 23 feet, it’s six feet taller than ‘standard’ Dialga and weighs a huge 1873.9 lbs too.  

8. Guzzlord


Another Ultra Beast, Guzzlord first appeared in the seventh generation games Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon.

A Dark/Dragon type Pokemon, Guzzlord is a ‘Junkivore’ Pokemon that can swallow whole buildings and even mountains.

That likely accounts for its massive weight of 1957.7 lbs!

7. Mudsdale

Mudsdale - top heaviest pokemon

The legs of Mudsdale are coated in layers of protective mud. It’s the weight of this mud which allows Mudsdale to kick so forcefully.

It also adds to Mudsdale’s considerable overall weight, which comes in at an enormous 2028.3 lbs.

Mudsdale is another Pokemon from the seventh generation games; it seems as if many Pokemon that originated in Sun and Moon were an awful lot bigger – and heavier – than the creatures Pokemon Trainers had seen before!

6. Metagross (Mega Metagross)

Mega Metagross

Standard Metagross isn’t light as a feather, weighing in at a massive 1212.5 lbs. 

Yet Mega Metagross – which is one Metagross, one Metang, and two Beldum linking up to form a ridiculously hefty Pokemon – is a real heavyweight at 2078.7 lbs!

Mega Metagross is a Steel and Psychic type Pokemon, which – despite Metagross debuting way back in the third generation games Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire, which we ranked top of our best Pokemon GBA games list – was only made possible in Pokemon Sun and Moon.

5. Groudon

Groudon - top heaviest pokemon

Another Legendary Pokemon, Groudon is a Pokemon who first appeared in third generation titles Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire.

A Ground type Pokemon, Groudon’s weight – despite not being particularly tall, at 11.5 feet – is a significantly heavy 2094.4 lbs!

4. Eternatus


Eternatus is also known as the ‘Gigantic Pokemon’ and it’s easy to see why. 

At a height of over 65 feet and weighing 2094.4 lbs, this Poison/Dragon type Pokemon is absolutely enormous!

Making its debut in generation eight – Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield – Eternatus is a genuinely impressive creation.

Eternatus – thought to be around 20,000 years old – absorbs energy from the Galar region’s lands too, which makes this Pokemon incredibly powerful.

3. Groudon (Primal Groudon)

Primal Groudon - top heaviest pokemon

Yes, we’ve already seen the ‘basic’ form of Groudon – but what happens when it holds the Red Orb?

That’s when you get Primal Groudon, a bigger, scarier form of Groudon who’s a Ground and Fire type Pokemon.

Growing five feet taller and weighing in at a crushing 2204.0 lbs, Primal Groudon is one Pokemon you don’t want to be messing around with!

2. Cosmoem


Introduced in generation seven (Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon), Cosmoem is undoubtedly the smallest Pokemon on the heaviest Pokemon list.

Though only 4 inches in size, it weighs an incredible 2204.4 lbs!

Cosmoem has incredible density and an outer shell that’s harder than any known material.

This Protostar Pokemon – as it’s also known – evolves from the Psychic type Pokemon Cosmog, which weighs just 0.2lbs.

Once Cosmog reaches level 43, it clearly gets an awful lot heavier as it evolves into the very impressive Cosmoem. 

Though Cosmoem is the exact same weight as Primal Groudon, we felt that its tiny size made it a more impressive Pokemon – which is why it takes second place on our heaviest Pokemon list! 

1. Celesteela

Celesteela - top heaviest pokemon

Another Pokemon that debuted in generation seven’s Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon – which we ranked highly on our best Pokemon games list – Steel/Flying type Pokemon Celesteela is also an Ultra Beast.

Truly impressive in size, Celesteela is just over thirty feet tall and weighs in at 2204.4lbs.

Despite being the same weight as Primal Groudon and Cosmoem, Celesteela’s huge height – pretty much putting it completely at odds with the minuscule Cosmoem – is what puts it firmly in first place on the heaviest Pokemon list.

What Is The Heaviest Pokemon Of All Time

There you have it! You read it here first, and it’s the incredibly tall Celesteela at a whopping 2204.04lbs!

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