How To Beat Grusha (Glaseado Gym) In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

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I know some of you have ploughed ahead and conquered Pokemon Scarlet & Violet in a matter of days, but for some of us the adventure continues. 

Having just defeated Medali Gym using our how to beat Larry guide, it’s likely you’re now traversing the snowy wonderland of Glaseado Mountain to reach Glaseado Gym. 

Led by Grusha, an ex-snowboarding legend, this gym is a chilly experience. Grusha loves Ice types, rather fittingly, and so you need to head into battle with Fire, Fighting, Rock or Steel. 

However, the battle is the least of your concerns when you first arrive at the gym because you have to complete the Glaseado Gym Challenge

Fortunately, this is a fast paced, thrill-seeking ride that’s over in a flash – a nice change of pace from the long winded escapades of previous gyms. 

Taking On The Snow Slope Run

It’s time to head to the slopes and race down the mountain. 

The rules are incredibly simple: get to the bottom of the track in under one minute 30 seconds, all while making sure to hit the flagged markers on your way down. If you miss one you’re given a five second penalty

As long as you make sure to steer Koraidon/Miraidon in the right direction using the left thumbstick you won’t have any problems. 

Given how often we’ve used our mounts since the start of the game, riding them down a snowy hill is hardly taxing; I got a penalty and still finished in under 50 seconds. 

Once you’ve passed, let the gym receptionist know you’ve passed and are ready to battle Grusha. 

What Pokemon Does Grusha Use?

  • Frosmoth – Level 47 (Ice/Bug)
  • Beartic – Level 47 (Ice)
  • Cetitan – Level 47 (Ice)
  • Altaria – Level 48 (Dragon/Flying with Ice Tera Type)

How To Beat Grusha In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Beating Grusha is straightforward if you use Fire or Steel type Pokemon, like Skeledirge or Tinkatuff. As for Altaria, a strong Electric type like Pawmot or Bellibot will work wonders. 

Tinkatuff led the battle for me most of the way. The only reason I switched to Bellibot is because Fairy is weak to Dragon, and so Altaria would have annihilated it with ease. 

Honestly, this was by far one of the most painless battles for me, even despite the fact I was several levels lower than Grusha. 

Assuming you’ve faced the gyms in the same order as me, Grusha will be your sixth Gym Leader. However, considering how she’s a higher level than Ryme (Montenevera Gym), you should probably face Ryme before challenging Grusha. 

Grusha Gym Leader Rewards

Grusha will give you TM124 Ice Spinner, an Ice type move that inflicts damage while also clearing the battlefield of any terrains. 

Another perk is that Pokemon up to Level 50 will now obey you and can be caught. Depending on where you are in your Victory Road journey, this level could be higher or lower. 

Now that Grusha is taken care of there’s only two more Gym Leaders to go. 

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