The Strongest Moves Against Psychic Pokemon

Going up against a Psychic trainer or a friend who has a strong team of mind-bending monsters? If so, then you’ll need to know all the best moves against Psychic Pokemon!

Hey, we don’t normally condone hurting Pocket Monsters, but these guys need taking down a peg or two!

Psychic type Pokemon have some of the strongest moves in the entire Pokemon canon. Necrozma, for example, can whip out Prismatic Laser (Special) which has 160 Power and 100 Accuracy.

Mega Mewtwo Y has Psystrike (Special) with 100 Power and Accuracy, and then there’s the widely used Future Sight (Special) which is always accurate and slaps hard with 120 Power.

So, if you have any chance of finishing off these hardcore monsters, then you need to know what they’re weak against!

Let’s dive right in and get clued up, shall we?

What Are The Best Moves Against Psychic Pokemon?

The best moves you can use against Psychic type Pokemon are Bug, Dark, and Ghost type moves.

Pretty straight forward, right? Now we know what types, let’s have a look at the strongest moves in each of those categories and break them down to make things easier to navigate.

Strongest Bug Type Pokemon Moves

best moves against psychic Pokemon - strongest bug type pokemon moves

The top 3 strongest Bug type Pokemon moves are Megahorn with 120 Power (Physical), Bug Buzz with 90 (Special), and X-Scissor with 80 (Physical).

Megahorn is a beast of a move, but it only has an accuracy of 85. That means that if you’re going up against a Psychic critter, you might have to run the risk of this attack missing and having an Awakening ready for when they put you to sleep!

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Strongest Dark Type Pokemon Moves

The top 3 strongest Dark type Pokemon moves are Hyperspace Fury with 100 (Physical), Foul Play with 95 (Physical), and Dark Pulse with 80 (Special).

Foul Play is a cracking move that many Dark type Pokemon can use, but if you want to have the upper edge, you’ll need Hoopla Unbound in your team. Hyperspace Fury is its special move and can be used even when your opponent is protecting itself. Plus, it never fails to hit!

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Strongest Ghost Type Pokemon Moves

best moves against psychic Pokemon  - ghost type pokemon moves

The top 3 strongest Ghost type Pokemon moves are Astral Barrage with 120 Power (Special), Poltergeist with 110 Power (Physical), and Shadow Force with 80 (Physical).

If you want to go hard against Psychic Pokemon, then Ghost types would be a great bet. Astral Barrage is a mammoth move that hits every tea, and Poltergeist has a great 90 Accuracy, so chances are it’ll find its mark most times!

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So there you have it; now you know all of best moves against Psychic Pokemon and which moves work to look out for when training your critters.

Hopefully, with this guide, you’ll be knocking back Olympia and Lucian with ease! Tell us about some of your Psychic Pokemon battle woes over on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

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