10 Best Bug Type Pokemon

Best Bug Type Pokemon

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It’s time to grab your Net Ball and throw it at one of the best bug type Pokemon of all time!

Though the Pokemon games are filled with all manner of weird and wonderful, cute and cuddly creatures, there’s a specific type that doesn’t get enough love in our opinion.


That’s right, Bug Pokemon. Often seen as creepy and crawly in real life, bugs and insects get short shrift in reality. And they’re often overlooked in the Pokemon games themselves too.

It didn’t help that, in the earlier generations of games, bugs tended to have the weakest moves by type, as well as levelling up and evolving faster than other Pokemon types, making them weaker overall.

That situation has, thankfully, improved. Bugs have seen better moves in recent years, along with an advantage over Dark type Pokemon.

There are currently 93 Pokemon that have ‘Bug’ as at least one of their types – but which are the best?

We took a look at their stats and ranked them all to find the best bug type Pokemon of all time!

10. Yanmega

Yanmega - Bug Pokemon

If Yanma learns Ancient Power, it’ll evolve into the surprisingly powerful Yanmega.

Introduced in fourth generation games Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl (which can be found on our list of the best selling Nintendo DS games, alongside other Pokemon titles!), Yanmega is a Bug and Steel type Pokemon.

Only its Sp. Def stat lets it down – but it more than makes up for it with high Sp. Atk and Speed, which earns it a place on the best Bug Type Pokemon list!

9. Centiskorch

A late entry to the Pokedex, Centiskorch appeared for the first time in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield – part of the eighth generation of titles in the series.

Centiskorch is a Fire and Bug type Pokemon with Flame Body. That means that every time it’s hit by a successful attack, there’s a 30% chance the attacker (if not immune) will be Burned!

To get a Centiskorch, you’ll need to evolve a Sizzlipede to level 28, which is pretty straightforward of course.

It’s definitely worth it too, because Centiskorch has great base HP, very strong Attack and excellent Sp. Atk and Sp. Def stats.

It’s not the fastest Pokemon – nor is its base Defense anything to write home about. Still, its Flame Body and general Attacks easily make it one of the best Bug Type Pokemon!

8. Golisopod

Golisopod - Bug Pokemon

Believe me when I tell you that Golisopod’s base Attack and Defense stats are actually frightening. You don’t want to get on the bad side of one of these Pokemon!

Two of its other stats – HP and Sp. Atk – are average, though its Sp. Def isn’t bad. Speed is what really lets it down, but honestly with its Attack and Defense being so high, it hardly matters.

Golisopod first appeared in seventh generation titles Pokemon Sun and Moon, and it’s the Bug and Water type Pokemon you’ll get when a Wimpod evolves at level 30.

7. Volcarona


Debuting in fifth generation games Pokemon Black and Pokemon White, Volcarona is a Bug and Fire type Pokemon.

Like Centiskorch, it has Flame Body, which can be absolutely devastating to the attacker!

Volcarona evolves from Larvesta at level 59 – and this evolution brings with it excellent Speed and Sp. Def stats, as well as enormously powerful Sp. Atk.

It’s an excellent choice for Pokemon Trainers who have a soft spot for Bugs.

Volcarona even makes it easier to find new monsters if you have it as the leading Pokemon in your party – as its Swarm ability will double the spawn rate of wild Pokemon!

6. Buzzwole

Buzzwole - Bug Pokemon

Now that is a buff Pokemon; it’s easy to see why its name is a play on the word ‘swole’!

Buzzwole is a Bug and Fighting type Pokemon who also happens to be an Ultra Beast. It was introduced in the seventh generation titles, Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon.

Not only is Buzzwole blessed with incredibly high Attack and Defense stats, but it also has the ability Beast Boost.

That raises its most proficient stat every time it knocks out another Pokemon!

5. Pheromosa


Another Ultra Beast first seen in Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon, Pheromosa is a Bug and Fighting type Pokemon.

Though pretty delicate-looking, Pheromosa is anything but, especially as it has Beast Boost as an ability!

That’s not all – not only does it have jaw-droppingly quick Speed, but its Attack and Sp. Atk are incredibly high too.

Though it has very low Defense and Sp. Def stats, its Speed and Attack stats put this particular Pokemon firmly at fifth place on the best Bug Type Pokemon list!

4.Mega Pinsir

Mega Pinsir - Bug Pokemon

One of the original 151 Pokemon, Pinsir was a solid offensive choice for Pokemon Trainers in the earlier games (all of which you can see on our best Pokemon games list).

Originally, Pinsir didn’t evolve at all.

However, as of Pokemon X and Pokemon Y, using the Pinsirite item will evolve Pinsir into Mega Pinsir – and it becomes a very powerful Bug and Flying type Pokemon in the process!

Though its HP, Sp. Atk and Sp. Def aren’t perfect, all other stats are excellent – with its Attack being especially impressive.

It’s a great choice for Pokemon Trainers with a Bug obsession, which is why it makes it to such a high place on our best Bug Type Pokemon list!

3. Mega Scizor

Mega Scizor

Another classic Pokemon, Scizor first appeared in the second generation games, Pokemon Gold and Pokemon Silver (which you’ll find ranked at the top of our Game Boy Color Pokemon games list).

To get a Mega Scizor, the somewhat convoluted process is to have Scizor hold a Scizorite in battle – and then use the Mega Stone.

It’s worth doing; Mega Scizor is a Bug and Steel type Pokemon who has very high Attack and Defense stats, along with excellent Sp. Def too.

Though its other stats are average, the sheer power of its Attack and its great Defense give this Pokemon an excellent edge and make it a clear choice to kick off the top three entries of our best Bug Type Pokemon list!

2. Mega Heracross

Mega Heracross - Bug Pokemon

Another second generation Pokemon that only gained a Mega Evolution in Pokemon X and Pokemon Y, Heracross was another solid, dependable Pokemon with excellent Attack and Defense stats.

Using the Heracronite, Heracross can evolve into Mega Heracross – and its Attack stat goes through the roof!

This Bug and Fighting type Pokemon also gains high Defense and Sp. Def stats, as well as benefitting from the Skill Link ability, which causes multi-strike moves to get their maximum number of hits, every single time they’re used.

1. Genesect


Though Genesect can’t match some of the previously listed Pokemon in some stats, what makes it our choice for the very top of the Best Bug Pokemon list is the fact that it has strong stats across the board, making it the perfect all-rounder.

That is, aside from its HP – which is average at best – but with the rest of its stats being so consistently strong, that hardly matters.

Genesect is a Bug and Steel type Pokemon that debuted in fifth generation games Pokemon Black and Pokemon White (which feature, naturally, on our list of Pokemon games in order of release).

It doesn’t evolve, but it does learn some seriously strong moves as it levels up, culminating in the devastating – but suicidal – Self-Destruct at level 91.

Its cool, mech-esque looks and excellent stats make it an obvious choice – in our opinion – for the very best Bug Type Pokemon!

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