Picross S: Namco Legendary Edition Sees Pac-Man And More Return To Switch Next Week

Picross S: Namco Legendary Edition sees the addictive puzzle game return to Switch next week with challenges based on Pac-Man, Dig Dug, Galaga and more. Revealed by developer Jupiter, Picross S: Namco Legendary Edition is the latest entry in the beloved puzzle series that tasks players to correctly colour in squares on a grid using numeric clues to eventually reveal an iconic image.

Picross S: Namco Legendary Edition will see those final iconic images featuring characters and artwork from Namco’s gaming history with thirty games represented across 585 puzzles with support for up to four players who can puzzle together.

That staggering puzzle count is comprised of various challenges based on the traditional Picross formula, with 150 standard puzzles, 150 mega puzzles, 250 clip puzzle challenges, and 30 colour puzzles with the remainder hosted in a new Extra mode.

In addition to the puzzles and the images themselves, the reveal trailer confirmed this latest collaboration will also feature background music from several of the Namco titles featured although a full tracklist is currently unavailable.

The great news for Picross (and Pac-Man) fans is that Picross S: Namco Legendary Edition is hitting the Nintendo Switch e-shop next week on the 30th of May for a wallet-friendly £9.89//€10.99/10.99 USD.

Picross Them Off The List

Picross S: Namco Legendary Edition screenshot

Jupiter have included a whole host of retro gaming favourites from Namco’s illustrious back catalogue in Picross S: Namco Legendary Edition with puzzles based on the following games and franchises:

  • Battle City
  • Dig Dug
  • Dig Dug II
  • Dragon Buster
  • Dragon Spirit
  • Final Lap
  • Galaga
  • Galaxian
  • Mappy
  • Mappy-Land
  • Metro-Cross
  • Mystery Tower
  • Pac-Land
  • Pac-Man
  • Rolling Thunder
  • Sangokushi Chugen No Hasha
  • Sky Kid
  • Splatter House Wanpaku Graffiti
  • Star Luster
  • Super Xevious Mystery Of Gump
  • The Adventure Of Valkyrie
  • The Genji And The Heike Clans
  • The Quest Of Ki
  • The Tower Of Druaga
  • Wagan Land
  • Wagan Land 2
  • Wagan Land 3
  • Warpman
  • Xevious
  • Youkai Douchuki

The Picross series began in 1995 with Mario’s Picross for the Game Boy and has since spawned almost thirty titles that have appeared on everything from the Super Nintendo to the Nintendo DS to the Nintendo Switch and featured collaborations with puzzles based on Final Fantasy, The Legend of Zelda and Sonic The Hedgehog.

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