8BitDo Unveils Keyboard Extensions Including Buttons, Joysticks And Numpads

Retro gaming peripheral manufacturers 8BitDo have unveiled several keyboard extensions which include oversized buttons, joysticks, and even numpads. The company kicked off its latest product reveals with a post on Twitter announcing the Retro 18 Mechanical Numpad. The numpad also doubles as a calculator and connects to Windows or Android devices via Bluetooth, with a wired connection of 2.4G wireless.

Designed to sit alongside 8BitDo’s range of mechanical keyboards, the new numpad comes in four distinctly retro flavours, with liveries based on the NES, Famicon, and the Commodore 64, as well as one to match the company’s latest M Edition Keyboard.

In terms of features, the new numpad includes a handy button to switch between numpad and calculator modes, a dedicated button to launch the Windows calculator app, and a nine-digit seven-segment LED display. Pre-orders for the new 8BitDo Numpad are live now exclusively through Amazon in the US for $44.99 ahead of its release on the 15th of July.

8bitdo numpad keyboard extensions
Image credit: 8BitDo

Super Extensions

In addition to the new numpad, 8BitDo has also revealed a host of new keyboard extensions. Four new ‘Super Buttons’, oversized programmable controls, have come to light with vibrant yellow, green, red, and blue options. 8BitDo has also created a dedicated ABXY panel with the same colour schemes across its four-button array.

Finally, the last of the keyboard extensions 8BitDo announced this week is the Super Stick. You may have already correctly guessed from the name, that yes, this is a new joystick for use with 8BitDo’s range of retro-inspired keyboards.

In terms of pricing, the Super Buttons will all retail at $9.99 each, while the Super ABXY and Super Stick cost $14.99 each. The new keyboard extensions are also scheduled for launch on the 15th July alongside the Retro 18 Mechanical Numpad, although fans can pre-order the six options directly from 8BitDo. You can grab a C64-inspired keyboard, dual Super Buttons, and Super Stick bundle to kickstart your setup!

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