Evercade Tease An ‘Alpha’ Reveal For Next Week

Evercade, the creators of modern cartridge based retro gaming hardware, have teased an upcoming announcement, simply titled ‘Alpha’. The tantalising tease came from Evercade’s Twitter account yesterday afternoon and consists of a date, a time, and a link to a page on the company’s website that simply reads ‘Coming Soon’. Evercade will reveal whatever their new Alpha product is on Thursday 30th May 2024 at 5 pm BST.

Evercade fans have already begun to speculate about Alpha, with many believing the reveal on Thursday will feature a new piece of hardware from the company, who recently unveiled two other upcoming retro gaming consoles with last month’s announcement of the EXP-R and VS-R handhelds and home consoles respectively.

We know that 2024 will bring two more hardware launches from Evercade as the company revealed a roadmap for its release schedule back in March following the announcement of two new gaming compilations in its growing range of retro-inspired carts, with collections based on Sunsoft and PIKO games that arrived in April.

EVERCADE 2024 roadmap with space for speculation for an Alpha release.

The same roadmap, later updated to include the EXP-R and VS-R hardware, does indeed indicate two more hardware releases planned for November with a further two gaming compilations planned for the same month. Evercade revealed their new, larger capacity cartridges, the Giga Cart, with the VS-R and EXP-R announcements so it’s not entirely implausible that we could see a combo of Alpha game and hardware announcements next week.

The first Giga Cart to enter production bundles the first three Tomb Raider games together, allowing Evercade fans to experience the adventures of ‘the most iconic video game character of all time’ in one convenient package. Thankfully, we don’t have too long to wait to find out what Evercade Alpha actually is!

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