Retro Gamer Builds Epic Working Lego PS1 Console

The retro gaming community continually produce amazing gadgets and creations, and this working Lego PS1 console is the latest showstopper to bowl us over.

Lego are no strangers to the video gaming world. We’re not just talking about the best Lego games either.

From a Lego Gameboy to this Sonic the Hedgehog Lego set, the possibilities are seemingly endless, with many fan-made creations seeing official production from the Danish legends themselves.

Today, we’re checking out a working Lego PS1 actually plays games! It’s the brainchild of a retro gamer named Anthony John Clarke, a guy who’s taken Lego gaming to a whole new level!

That’s right; with a dying PS1 console and a whole heap of Lego at his fingertips, Anthony has made a fully working PS1 out of a battered console, giving it a brand new lease of life in one of the most creative ways possible!

All photos © bonkersbarman

Checking Out The Very First Lego PS1!

Working Lego Ps1 Console showing Gran Turismo disc

Anthony bagged a bargain at his local car boot sale. He got a PS1 for the grand total of £1.

Most people would have thought the wrecked console he carried home an absolute hunk of junk, but not Anthony. He cleaned the whole thing, took out the chip that a shady shop had put in to allow ripped games to be played, and set about creating a new shell.

Now, when you don’t have a 3D printer to hand, what’s the next best thing?

Lego, obviously!

How Does This Working Lego PS1 Work?

Seriously, Anthony has done a great job with this creation. The Lego button turns the console on with no hiccups. Plus, important elements like the power cable stay in place with yet more lego bricks.

As you can see from pics in this article, Anthony still needs to make a disc cover and other pieces to hide other external wiring parts. Still, this is a great start and a fun way to turn a wrecked console into an epic, one-of-a-kind machine.

Check out the video of Anthony’s Lego PS1 here!

Are There Any Other Lego Gaming Projects?

While Anthony is busy tinkering with his working Lego PS1, other gaming enthusiasts are paying homage to their favourite gaming characters. We recently covered this epic fan-made Lego Zelda set featuring Hyrule Castle and lots of hidden Ocarina of Time goodies!

With Nintendo and Sega jumping on the Lego set market, it might not be long until Sony join the fray. It’s doubtful as to whether they’d back Anthony’s plans to make a working Lego PS1 console themselves, but maybe we could see some Lego Spyro or Crash Bandicoot action in the next couple of years.

What do you think of this working Lego PS1 console. Could you see yourself doing something similar to an old N64 or Dreamcast? Join the conversation over on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

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