Lego Zelda Kit Creates Stunning Replica Of Hyrule Castle

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I’ve been dreaming of holidaying in Hyrule Castle for as long as I can remember, and thanks to this interactive Lego Zelda kit, I can almost get a taste of the real thing!

We’ve seen lots of Lego offerings here at Retro Dodo over the years. From the unofficial Lego GameBoy that transforms into a robot fighter to the official Nintendo Lego Super Mario Sets, Lego has never been a bigger part of the retro gaming scene.

And let’s not forget the epic Lego video games. The tiny brick-people remakes of franchises such as Star Wars and Harry Potter gained worldwide renown and are incredibly addictive.

But just what is this Lego Zelda set? And more importantly, how many pieces does it have?

Check out everything we know below!

Checking Out The Lego Zelda Hyrule Castle Set!

Lego Zelda - Hyrule Castle front and back view

In the words of the great Gonzo, ‘This one thing you must remember, or nothing that follows will seem wondrous.’ Ok… here goes…

This Lego Zelda set is no ordinary lego castle. It’s an interactive Zelda quest with collectables, upgrades, heart pieces, and puzzles to solve.

Basically, it’s Ocarina of Time in a Lego form.

Take a moment to think about that last sentence. Imagine having the world of Ocarina of Time at your very fingertips. That’s what this Lego Zelda set provides, incorporating everything from Anju and her Cuccos to the Master Sword hidden within the Temple of Time.

There is so much to pull apart in this set that it would take me hours to go through every intricate detail. As well as the Castle Town Market and Zelda’s throne room, the Kakariko graveyard makes an appearance, hiding more treasures for Lego Link to collect. Use legendary shields, relive your favourite moments from this classic game.

Credit: Thumbsticks

What Is Ocarina of Time?

If you have read this far and still don’t know what Ocarina of Time is, then you should probably go and give yourself a stern talking to. Nevertheless, here’s a quick rundown of one of the best N64 games of all time.

Link, a mysterious child from the Kokiri forest, must stop an evil Gerudo thief named Ganondorf from possessing three spiritual stones and collecting the Triforce. After speaking with the Great Deku Tree, Link embarks on an adventure into Hyrule and encounters many perils. Battle ferocious bosses though time as you travel between the future and past, collecting weapons, solving puzzles, and completing side-quests as you go.

Honestly, it’s the greatest game in the world.

Lego Zelda Puzzles & Surprises

Lego Zelda - Collectibles and heart pieces

Ocarina of Time fans will love the attention to detail in this Lego Zelda set. From Dungeon maps to Heart Pieces, all of the game’s collectables can be found hidden away inside.

There are even rupees hidden in the pots – how cool is that!

As well as memorable characters such as Ganondorf and the long-suffering Hyrule Castle Guard, famous faces such as Kaepora Gaebora the Owl and Sheikah Stones make an appearance. Use bomb flowers to open up the Hyrule Castle Great Fairy pool, and open secret sections to reveal hidden wonders.

In a great ‘twist’, fans can transform Hyrule Castle into Ganondorf’s lair. Who’s up for recreating that epic showdown between Adult Link and Ganondorf with a few Stalfos thrown in for good measure?

How Many Pieces Is This Lego Zelda Set?

2600 pieces.

That might sound like a lot, but it’s actually the same as the Lego NES Set that Nintendo dropped back in 2020. There will undoubtedly be a lot of fiddly bits to put together, but the replay value on this thing for both kids and Zelda fans will be more than worth the pain of putting it together.

How Do I Buy It?

At the moment, this Lego Zelda Hyrule Castle Set is part of the Lego Ideas program. Like Kickstarter, fans support amazing concept ideas created by Lego fans around the globe.

The idea for this concept castle came from Artem Biziaev, a Lego and Zelda fan who has combined both of his passions into this amazing Lego Zelda kit.

This fresh idea could not have come at a better time either. The success of the previous Nintendo Lego kits shows that there is a huge market for Nintendo brick-block recreations. In all honesty, the Mario offering was a little lame; at least this Lego Zelda set has a storyline and actual mysteries to uncover.

And unlike most concepts, this idea is gaining traction.

On Dec 23rd 2020, the project reached 100 followers, giving Artem an extra 365 to get to 1000.

On Dec 26th 2020, the project reached 1000 followers, giving Artem an additional 182 days to reach 5000 followers.

It’s now January 4th 2021 and the project has reached 4456 supporters with 594 days left to grab Legos attention. It’s safe to say that this is going to be a massive hit, and we can all ensure that it reaches production by visiting the official Lego Ideas page and supporting this Hyrule Castle set!

Show Link some love, and you’ll be holding a Lego Zelda set in your hands before you know it!

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