Play PS Vita On Android With The Vita3K Emulator

Vita3k Android

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Vita3K is the one and only PS Vita emulator out there, and the Vita3K team has been working tirelessly to deliver more compatibility and more options.

Just this week, they hit a huge milestone when they launched Vita3K for Android.

That means we can now relive some of our favorite Playstation Vita moments on some of the best Android handheld games consoles.


As the Vita3K team improves the app, the list of playable games will continue to grow as well. In fact, there are currently over 400 playable games, which is a third of the PS Vita catalogue.

Vita3k was previously only available for Windows PC, MacOS, and Linux.

But now that we have Vita3k on Android, you can start playing some of those games on handhelds like the Pimax Portal, AYN Odin, Logitech G Cloud, and more!

The Vita is an advanced system and it’s been quite difficult to bring to the emulation scene. Admittedly, it still has a long way to go. But with a powerful Android handheld, we can add quite a few classic games to our to-play list using Vita3K.

Games like Uncharted Fight for Fortune, The Binding of Isaac Rebirth, Persona 4 Golden, Ys Origin, Retro City Rampage, Worms Revolution Extreme, Velocity 2x, Undertale, Secret of Mana, and Hotline Miami all make an appearance on the compatible list.

Obviously, we’d love to see that list continue to grow. And it can only do so with the support of the gaming community.

Whether you show your support by using the downloading the app, talking about it with friends, or joining the Vita3K Patreon – everything helps keep this project alive and moving forward.

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