Modder turns the Nintendo Virtual Boy Into A Console

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The retro gaming community has struck gold once again with this modded Virtual Boy Console. Now, instead of wearing a migraine-inducing headset, games such as Mario Clash and Vertical Force can be enjoyed on the big screen.

The main problem with the Virtual Boy was migraine-inducing side effects that made using one such a pain in the… well, brain!

For those not accustomed to the Virtual Boy, it was a table-top console consisting of a headset on a stand and a controller. It looked a little like a ViewMaster, one of the best 80s toys, stuck onto some stilts.

Players wore the headset and experienced a host of red and black virtual games, when they weren’t clutching their brains and begging for the pain to stop, that is.

Now, thanks to modder iFixRetro on Twitter, Nintendo fans can see this commercial flop in a whole new light. They have turned the Virtual Boy into a fully-fledged home console, and it looks great!

All images © iFixRetro

Checking Out The Virtual Boy Console

The Virtual Boy only had a handful of games. Nintendo shelved the console pretty quickly once the N64 came out, but some of the titles are well worth playing.

iFixRetro has put a lot of time into consolizing this Nintendo marvel by creating a 3D printed box and using a VirtualTap board. I’ll tell you more about that as we move on.

Back of the modded Virtual Boy Console by iFixRetro

Let’s check out the back of the box. The picture above shows options for RGB as well as VGA depending on personal preference. Older TVs would be better suited to this mod, though it will work on your modern wide sets too as long as they have the appropriate ports.

An on/off switch on the back of the box powers the console, and the lift-up flap gives access to a cartridge slot for changing games.

What Is The Virtual Tap?

If iFixRetro is the creator if the Virtual Boy Console, then the VirtualTap is the brains of the project.

This little chip comes from Castlemania Games and transforms the Virtual Boy into something gamers can actually use.

The official website listing for this product states that if players have ever wanted to play a Virtual Boy without enduring a seizure or in a different colour than red, then this is the piece of kit for them. It allows users to stream gameplay from real hardware as opposed to a VR Troopers-style headset and can be hooked up to a TV or projector for gaming in any room.

This open-sourced project product provides super-crisp video and perfectly scales Virtual Boy games for the big screen. Red is the default colour, but users can select from 8 palettes if they want to mix things up a little.

The VirtualTap comes with low-lag and no-tearing options and can even fit inside the Virtual Boy unit itself.

When wiring up in line with a homemade Virtual Boy Console like the one iFixRetro has built in the pics throughout this article, users will need a soldering iron, basic tools, and enough patience not to throw the whole thing through the window.

That counts me out then!

Modded Virtual Boy Console - inside the casing
The completed Masterpiece.

How Many Original Virtual Boy Consoles Sold?


It’s the second lowest selling console Nintendo ever produced, topped only by the abysmal 64DD. The Virtual Boy never took off and is deemed a bit of a commercial flop. I guess you can’t blame Nintendo for wanting to concentrate on making the best N64 games instead; that thing is a winner!

How Many Virtual Boy Games Are There?

22 games released for the Virtual Boy.

When you compare that to the 4491 PS2 games released, and it looks mighty pathetic. Still, as I mentioned above, some of them are worth playing.

Who fancies a try at Nesters Funky Bowling or Galactic Pinball?

You can check out our list of the best Virtual Boy games for more info!

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