Pokemon Stadium Is Coming To Switch Online This Month

Pokemon Stadium

Trainers and gym leaders rejoice as it’s now official that Pokemon Stadium is coming to the Nintendo Switch Online service on April 12th. The Nintendo 64 home console was added to the Nintendo Switch Online service in October of 2021. But Pokemon was sorely missed at launch. We did eventually get Pokemon Snap and Pokemon […]

11 Best Pokemon SORS Cheat Codes [List of Codes]

At Retro Dodo, we’re just as passionate about Pokemon ROM hacks as we are Pokemon. This is why I’m going to dive into the vibrant world of Pokemon SORS, and give you the lowdown on the 11 best Pokemon SORS cheat codes of 2023.  For those not familiar with Pokemon Sors (where have you been?), […]

All Pink Pokemon [The Complete List]

Pokemon come in all sorts of colours, shapes, and sizes. If you’re anything like me, the way your ‘mon look impact your team decisions – I don’t care if it’s shallow, I want an attractive looking party! If that rings true for you, it’s time to cover all pink Pokemon [full list].  Turns out there’s […]

How To Get Walking Wake In Pokemon Scarlet

If you’re a huge fan of Pokemon Scarlet and want to create the best team in Paldea, then you’ll undoubtedly want to know how to get Walking Wake in Pokemon Scarlet! Back in February, the Pokemon Presents event gave us the news that Walking Wake was going to be arriving in Paldea. And, if you’ve […]

How To Get Iron Leaves In Pokemon Violet

If you’re looking to complete your Pokedex while travelling through Paldea, then you’re definitely going to need to know how to get Iron Leaves in Pokemon Violet. Note that I said Pokemon Violet there, readers – if you’re playing Pokemon Scarlet, then you’ll need to check out our how to get Walking Wake in Pokemon […]

Pokemon Concierge Stop-Motion Series Coming To Netflix

Pokemon Concierge

As part of the Pokemon Presents livestream, The Pokemon Company announced a new partnership with Netflix to produce “Pokemon Concierge”. This new stop-motion animation series will be developed by Dwarf Studios of Japan. We learned that the series will focus on an island resort for Pokemon, and pull from fan favorite stories and manga. The […]

Pokemon Reveals NEW “Trading Card Game Classic” With Premium Products

pokemon trading card game classic

In today’s Pokemon Presents, Nintendo kicked off the livestream by announcing “Trading Card Game Classic”. It primarily focused on new products, more specifically a portable games board that can extend out to create an official board game with areas of the board indicating where and how to play this game. This board set looks incredibly […]

Pokemon ‘Journey Of Dreams’ Animation Teased & Features Retro Nintendo Consoles

Pokemon Journey of Dreams

An intriguing video trailer and poster have dropped on Chinese social media sites teasing a new Pokemon animated short film titled ‘Journey of Dreams‘. (Spotted on NintendoLife) The film’s poster features a young boy holding an original Game Boy with several other retro Nintendo handhelds and game cartridges on the floor. And we also can […]

Pokémon Presents Livestream Set For February 27th!

Pokemon Presents

With International Pokemon Day fast approaching, we now have even more to be excited about with the recently announced Pokémon Presents livestream presentation. I mean, it’s not like we really needed MORE reason to be excited. With all of the recent rumors surrounding our favorite pocket monsters, our excitement level is already at a maximum. […]