The Best Food Pokemon To Collect… And Not Eat

best food pokemon

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If you’re a big foodie, securing yourself the best food Pokemon for your party will be undoubtedly high up on your list of priorities.

Pokemon have been known to correspond to real animals over the years, but certainly in recent times, there have been a bunch of ‘mons that could make it quite literally onto your dinner plate.

Some are strong, some are a bit of a wet lettuce (although a lettuce isn’t on this list…), and we’ve rounded up the top selections here for you to take a look at.

So, read on for what we think are the most worthy Pokemon based on food you should consider picking up.

And don’t worry about your mouth watering; this is a safe space.

1. Sirfetch’d


And finally, taking the top spot as the best food Pokemon is Sirfetch’d!

When Farfetch’d graced our screens back in Pokemon Red and Blue, the reason why it was holding a leek was always puzzling.

Now, after receiving a Galarian form, and a subsequent evolution in Sirfetch’d, the true power of its vegetables comes to fruition.

Since it is an evolution, it sharpens the leek of Farfetch’d and uses it like a sword coupled with a leaf-like shield.

Naturally, since it uses these vegetables as weapons, it has a high physical attack stat, and since it is also a Fighting type, it’s seriously effective against a bunch of other ‘mons.

There are a bunch of cool moves it can learn too including Meteor Assault, which plays into its strengths in physical attack, in conjunction with it being a 150-power move.

2. Exeggutor


Going right back to Gen 1, Exeggutor is a close runner-up in our best food Pokemon picks.

Mimicking that of a coconut tree, Exeggutor has always been a great pick for your party, especially in the early games.

Being the evolved form of Exeggcute, it boasts some pretty impressive moves including the likes of Solar Beam which can take you out almost instantaneously if the opposing ‘mon is weak to Grass.

Even Champion Blue in the original titles had an Exeggutor in his party so you know it’s a worthy ally!

It even got a regional form with Alolan Exeggutor, bolstering its uses thanks to its enhanced dual Grass/Dragon type, making it seriously formidable.

3. Alcremie


Alcremie, the whipped cream Pokemon, takes the number three best food Pokemon slot.

This ‘mon can come in a plethora of different forms each making it a different color and flavor. These include the likes of Caramel Swirl, Ruby, Matcha, and more, all being influenced by the time of day.

This makes it really interesting to hunt for – either collect them all or go for your favorite real-life flavors to slot into your party.

While not overly strong, Alcremie has some impressive defense, making it resilient in the heat of battle.

In its Gigantamax form, it turns morphs into a five-tiered cake, making it even more resistant to incoming attacks, perfect for tanking hard-hitting moves.

So, while it might look soft and whippy, Alcremie can more than hold its own!

4. Vanilluxe


For you ice cream lovers out there, you’ll definitely appreciate the next best food Pokemon – Vanilluxe.

This one looks literally like a double ice cream cone, making it a brilliant dessert like ‘mon to pair with other more savory affairs.

Being the third evolution of Vanillite, Vanilluxe has some impressive special attack output which is perfect when combined with its ice typing.

You’ll be able to use classic powerful attacks such as Blizzard or Ice Beam for some solid damage output, and even Sheer Cold if you fancy someone hit KO action.

All in all, if you’re missing an ice-type Pokemon in your party, you can’t say no to some impressive Vanniluxe ice cream goodness!

5. Appletun


One of the evolutions of another food Pokemon Applin, Appleton represents that of an apple pie.

However, this ‘mon isn’t just sweet, it has impressive HP and special attack stats, both very useful in battle.

It’s a dual-type Pokemon too with Grass/Dragon, allowing it to learn some fantastic moves from both of those including Draco Meteor and Solar Beam.

We could’ve opted for either Flapple or Dipplin as both of these also evolve from Applin but in our eyes, Appletun beats them both.

Its Gigantamax form is impressive too, only adding to the plusses for this ‘mon.

6. Dachsbun


Dachsbun, the evolution of the beloved Fidough, more than deserves a shout-out as one of the best food Pokemon.

The bread-like dog is not only cute but certainly looks very well-baked with its shiny brown exterior.

You would probably assume it would be a Normal type Pokemon but in fact, it’s strangely a Fairy type, making it only weak to Poison or Steel.

This has some big advantages when battling, and thanks to its defensive strengths, you’ll likely get a bunch of turns with Dachsbun.

Overall, while being one of the cutest food Pokemon, it also has a bite too!

7. Arboliva


If you’re a fan of olives, Arboliva, the olive tree Pokemon is the perfect food Pokemon for you.

Being the final evolution of Smoliv, it’s the strongest of the line.

It has high special attack and special defense which are a good combination of traits.

Additionally, it has Grass/Normal dual typing which is great because it gains immunity to Ghost moves as well as resistance to a bunch more.

Its speed sadly lets it down, but Arboliva is definitely a food Pokemon you should consider for your team.

8. Tropius


If you’ve seen Tropius before, you might wonder why it’s made the best food Pokemon list as it looks more akin to a dinosaur.

However, if you weren’t aware, due to the Pokemon always eating fruit, Tropius actually ended up growing bananas around its neck, essentially making it a banana tree.

First appearing in Ruby & Sapphire, it wasn’t the most powerful of Pokemon despite its size but it does have its benefits due to its Grass/Flying typing.

If it had a higher overall special attack, it would make it much higher in our picks but sadly it sits at number 8.

9. Scovillain


First making an appearance in Scarlet & Violet, the Capsakid evolution Scovillain definitely brings the heat.

With its design based on hot peppers, it gains dual Fire/Grass typing which is a unique one since these two counter each other so well.

But, what it also means is that it isn’t weak to either, bringing some solid advantages.

Moreover, because of the typing you can teach it incredible moves like Solar Beam and Fire Blast at the same time, something you certainly don’t see often.

All of this, in combination with its strong special attack and special defense means Scovillian is deserving of a places as one of the best food Pokemon.

10. Combee


Up first on our best food Pokemon list is Combee, one for the sweet tooths out there.

Combee, as you would expect from its name, is a bee-like Pokemon but the food aspect comes in when you look at its design.

It looks similar to that of honeycomb, which as we’re sure you’re aware, is a seriously tasty treat both in its natural form and in candy bars.

In Pokemon lore, Combee collect nectar to make honey whenever they can, and subsequently attach together to make a wall of honeycomb.

Interestingly, Combee does evolve into Vespiquen, but only the female variant, mirroring that of the queen bee ruling the roost in real life.

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