Where To Buy And Change Outfits In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

If you’re anything like me, customising your character is a big deal – I can spend hours getting my look just right.  Luckily, in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet there’s plenty of opportunities to change up your look whenever you want.  Alongside the abundance of shops scattered across the Paldea region, you can also access your […]

How To Change Hairtsyle In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Every Pokemon trainer has their priorities. Some want to rush off into battles, others want to explore, some are off collecting, and there’s those who want to customise. For those eager to fill their Pokedex ASAP, use our how to evolve Pawmo into Pawmot article for an easy how-to.  But for those obsessed with customisation, like […]

5 Best Sparks To Use in Mario + Rabbids: Sparks Of Hope

best sparks in mario rabbids sparks of hope

If you’ve been harbouring under the misconception that Mario + Rabbids: Sparks Of Hope is all about Mario, you’d be wrong. Dead wrong. It’s all about the Sparks! These incredibly adorable, extremely resourceful, and pocket sized companions are crucial in every sense of the word. Without them, the galaxy is most definitely doomed.  Sparks can […]

Kirby’s Return To Dream Land On Nintendo Wii Is Getting A Remake For Switch

kirby's return to dream land deluxe

Today’s Nintendo Direct revealed a wide number of new games and announcements, one including the Kirby’s Return To Dream Land Deluxe. Kirby fans you will know that Return To Dreamland was originally going to be created for the Gamecube, but push backs forced Nintendo’s hand to launch it on the Nintendo Wii in 2011. The […]

7 Best Star Wars Games on Nintendo Wii

Best Wii Star Wars Games

It’s time to draw your blaster and shoot Greedo first as we take a look at the best Star Wars games on Nintendo Wii! Star Wars has been a genuine cultural phenomenon since launching way back in 1977, transforming the way that films are made, released and even marketed.  Floods of toys and tie-in items […]

Rating The Best Nintendo Wii Fighting Games Of All Time

Welcome to the RetroDodo list of the best Nintendo Wii fighting games of 2023. Boy do we have some epic fun prepared for you! You probably know already that we are huge fans of fighting games in general. The crew at RetroDodo have spent a fair amount of time in battle, and we consider ourselves […]

Ranking The Best Hot Wheels Video Games of All Time

best hot wheels games

Though many of us in the UK grew up playing with Matchbox cars rather than Mattel’s Hot Wheels toys, when Mattel bought their closest competitor in 1997 it paved the way for Hot Wheels to take over. Which includes not just taking over the living room – with elaborate circuits of bendy orange track and […]

All Game Boy Models In Order & Why They Were Special

Welcome to the Retro Dodo list of all Game Boy models in order & why they were special. It’s safe to say that the entire Retro Dodo team are serious Game Boy nerds. We’ve all owned multiple Game Boys over the years, traded and battled with Link Cables, put up with the Worm Light on […]

The Best Nintendo Switch Emulators On Android Right Now

Nintendo’s first-party games are some of the absolute best titles ever created. Between your Marios and your Zeldas and your Kirbys and your Donkey Kongs… so many amazing franchises that only live on the Nintendo console. So what if you can’t afford a Switch? What if you want to play just one game and can’t […]

The Most Underrated Game Boy Games Of All Time

Game Boy is one of our personal favorite gaming consoles of all time. Brandon gave it the number one spot on his list of the best retro game consoles of all time. So we put up a post on Twitter asking you to share which Game Boy titles you feel do not get the love […]