How To Change Hairtsyle In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

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Every Pokemon trainer has their priorities.

Some want to rush off into battles, others want to explore, some are off collecting, and there’s those who want to customise. For those eager to fill their Pokedex ASAP, use our how to evolve Pawmo into Pawmot article for an easy how-to. 

But for those obsessed with customisation, like me, I’ve got some hairstyling tips to keep you looking fabulous!

Yes, customisation is back in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet in all its glory. From when you first launch the game, you can tailor your trainer to suit you and your personality. 

Although accessories and outfits are fun to play around with, a lot of people’s first port of call is hairstyles. As someone who lives, breathes, and obsesses over RPGs, this is one of the features I love to change the most.

Similar to previous games, some Pokemon Scarlet & Violet locations have Hair Salons – it’s there that you will transform your look. Think of it as a way to upgrade your style while you upgrade your skills and party. 

Of course, if changing hairstyles isn’t your thing, we’ve got you covered with our how to beat Brassius in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet guide. But for those looking for aesthetic change, it’s time to sit in the salon chair! 

How To Change Hairstyle In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet 


To change your hairstyle in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet visit the Hair Salon in Mesagoza. Enter the salon and use the A button to talk to the stylist. Confirm you want to change your hair, then scroll through the styles and colours. Make your selection by pressing the A button. You will then be charged 3,000 Pokedollar or League Points (LP). 

How quick is that? I wish it was that easy in real life! Best of all, you can cancel your hair transformation if you have second thoughts.

There’s plenty of hair salons scattered across the region.

Imagine you’ve selected to change your hair, only to discover nothing takes your fancy – simply press the B button and the stylist will ask if you’ve changed your mind. Press yes and it will confirm cancellation. Without any money being spent! 

Anyone who’s played Pokemon Sword & Shield will recall how you paid before getting your hair done, meaning you had to change your hairstyle even if you didn’t want to. Thank goodness that’s a thing of the past. 

Once you’ve altered your hair, your stylist will check to see if you want to keep your headwear on or off before sending you on your merry way. 

You can return to a Hair Salon at any time. However, remember that only your hairstyle can be changed here.

If you’re looking to alter your makeup and facial features instead, you’ll need to change your look via the Outfit screen – our guide on how to change your outfit should help in that department.

Now you look fresher than a daisy and cuter than a button! 

After all that TLC, you’re ready to head back out into Paldea and discover even more generation nine Pokemon. Why not read Retro Dodo’s how to get Nacli (the easy way) article if you want to beef up your party?

Hair Salon Locations In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

  • Mesagoza
  • Levincia
  • Cascarrafa

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