5 Best Sparks To Use in Mario + Rabbids: Sparks Of Hope

best sparks in mario rabbids sparks of hope

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If you’ve been harbouring under the misconception that Mario + Rabbids: Sparks Of Hope is all about Mario, you’d be wrong. Dead wrong.

It’s all about the Sparks!

These incredibly adorable, extremely resourceful, and pocket sized companions are crucial in every sense of the word. Without them, the galaxy is most definitely doomed. 

Sparks can shock, burn, freeze, ooze – their potential uses are endless. Well, technically there’s 30 of them, so there is a limit, but you get what we mean. 

But what are they, and what do they do? 

Essentially, they are additional special abilities to the techniques and skills your heroes already have. If you’re curious about what we’re talking about, we’ve already written a skills tree guide, and a best team combos article; you’re welcome.

If you’re struggling to find the right Sparks for the job in Mario Rabbids, we’ve got the low-down on the best ones to use. Consider this a gotta catch ‘em all Pokemon-esque moment, but with Mario and lots of Bob-ombs. 

Sparks Locations

Before you start planning ahead, a word of caution: it takes a lot of hard work and main story progression to unlock all the Sparks. 

This means some are easier to come by than others.

If you’re serious about getting every Spark, you’ll need to be prepared to spend coins, unlock secret doors, and tackle as many side quests as you can.

Our mission isn’t for the faint hearted. 

1. Reflector

Despite holding an ornate mirror, there’s nothing vain about this Spark. 

Its mirror is a visual metaphor for its skill: reflecting damage back to the enemy. It won’t stop you getting injured, but should an enemy strike you, they’ll experience a taste of their own medicine. 

All heroes will benefit from having this blue companion by their side, but it’s especially good for those who are all about close combat, like Rabbid Mario. 

2. Screech

The megaphone should be a dead giveaway what strength this Spark has. Loud, to the point of being unbearable, its battlecry repels nearby enemies. 

Better still, you can unlock this noisy ally pretty early on during the game at Beacon Beach.

It won’t be easy, though. You’ll need to complete at least seven side quests to collect Planet Coins, with these coins acting as currency at the local merchant stall. Once you have enough, purchase the Sunrise Key. 

Screech is hiding behind the door that key unlocks. 

3. Toxiquake

Dripping with ooze, this little guy might look slimy, but its moves are anything but. Well, at least for your heroes. 

When you use Toxiquake in battle, it’ll emit a radius of gunk that can do some serious damage to nearby enemies, especially those weak to its effects, like Squashers. Believe me when I say you can see the fear in their eyes when you reveal this trump card. 

Like Screech, Toxiquake is found at Beacon Beach, making it another great addition early on in the main story. And considering you can only get this Flubber-looking guy by playing the main story, you can’t miss it! 

4. Ethering

Halloween is never truly over with a partner like Ethering around! 

This Spark is ghostly, literally, meaning it can help you hide from enemies in the nick of time.

Picture the scene:  you’re surrounded, you’re guaranteed to get hit multiple times, but wait, you can use Ethering and vanish from view. In a single move, you disappear quicker than Bowser can kidnap Princess Peach. 

It’s not just an invaluable ability, it’s irreplaceable. 

We love partnering Ethering with Rabbid Peach, enabling her to provide close range healing without any risk of attack. Try it, you will not be disappointed. 

5. Pulser

So many guides have been praising the Regenesis Spark, and while it’s undoubtedly useful, we’re a sucker for Pulser. 

Also a healing Spark, this golden friend has the benefit of reviving fallen comrades.

Even if you’ve avoided losing until now, we can assure you that even the most experienced player will fall victim eventually. Our guess would be during the Bedrock boss fight – she’s brutal, and ridiculously tough. 

The only issue with Pulser is you don’t unlock it until Terra Flora, the fourth planet of the game. Considering you battle Bedrock at Palette Prime (the destination before Terra Flora), some of your toughest battles are over by the time you meet Pulser. 

Still, with Cursa yet to be defeated at this stage of the game, we think Pulser will prove a worthy addition.

And that’s a wrap on the best sparks of Mario Rabbids!

But with a total of 30 Sparks to collect, the final call for the best Sparks of all time, ultimately, rests with you. 

Before you hop in your ship and go Spark hunting, may we offer a piece of advice? If you intend to master the art of Sparks wrangling, you’ll need to understand tactical fighting; in this universe, Sparks and battling go hand-in-hand. Our Sparks of Hope battle guide is a great starting point for those not yet in the know. 

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