10 Best Nintendo Switch Remakes Of Classic Games Ranked [All Played]

The Nintendo Switch boasts a huge library of original titles. The Legend of Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom and Super Mario Bros. Wonder are both great examples of new entries in legacy franchises for the Switch, but what about those games of yesteryear that have returned with a fresh coat of paint and are ready […]

The Nintendo Museum Is Scheduled To Open This Autumn

The Nintendo Museum in Uji City, Kyoto looks set to open its doors this autumn, according to the latest Nintendo’s Financial Report. Originally reported to open this summer, the revised timeframe features in Nintendo’s “Financial Results Explanation Materials for the Third Quarter of the Fiscal Year Ending March 2024”, appearing on the sixteenth page of […]

Bloomberg Reports New Switch 2 Rumor of LCD Screen And 2024 Release

Bloomberg has reported a rumor that the highly anticipated Nintendo Switch 2 will feature an 8 inch LCD and will release in 2024. The source of this information was Omidia‘s Hiroshi Hayase. Their independent research determined that Nintendo increased their demand “for display panels by 14.6 million units”. In May of 2023, Bloomberg also reported […]

Atari’s Pong Sequel ‘qomp2’ Finally Gets A Release Date 50 Years Later


Atari‘s highly anticipated sequel to Pong that has been over 50 years in the making, qomp2, just got an official release date. If you consider yourself a retro video game enthusiast, then hopefully we would not have to tell you what Pong is. This legendary game appears on our list of the best 70s toys […]

Nintendo Switch Flashcart Causes Concern

A website selling a Nintendo Switch flashcart that allows users to ‘back up’ their physical games is a cause for concern among gaming enthusiasts. The new flashcart for Nintendo Switch, the Mig Switch, appears to be manufactured by Team Xecuter, the piracy and hacking group, whose members Gary Bowser and and Max Louarn, were brought […]

Legendary Golden Sun Series Arrives On Nintendo Switch Next Week

Golden Sun

Nintendo has just announced that their classic Game Boy Advance Golden Sun series arrives on Nintendo Switch via their online service next week! RPGs Golden Sun and Golden Sun: The Lost Age will be heading to the Game Boy Advance player – we’re going to need to put some serious time aside for those! The […]

A New Banjo-Kazooie Game Is In The Works


According to recent rumors from ‘credible’ inside sources, a new Banjo-Kazooie video game is likely already in development at Rare. As one of the best selling Nintendo 64 games and best 90s games, it makes sense to bring this classic to current generation hardware. Rare is an “Xbox Game Studio”, but it would only be […]

Zelda Open World Format Is Here To Stay According To TOTK Developers

Eiji Aonuma and Hidemaro Fujibayashi, Nintendo‘s masterminds behind The Legend of Zelda, recently spoke about the Zelda open world format and the possibility of linear story lines making a return to the series. And their answer may disappoint those fans of the game franchise hoping to see “traditional” Zelda experiences making a return to the […]

Switch Online Launches Three Spooky Retro Games For Halloween

Nintendo Switch Online October 2023

The Nintendo Switch Online service has just dropped three new retro titles for the NES and Game Boy, just in time for Halloween! These games would have hit the spot just perfect a few weeks ago to give us time to enjoy them for the holiday. But I guess it is better late than never. […]