Atari’s Pong Sequel ‘qomp2’ Finally Gets A Release Date 50 Years Later


Atari‘s highly anticipated sequel to Pong that has been over 50 years in the making, qomp2, just got an official release date.

If you consider yourself a retro video game enthusiast, then hopefully we would not have to tell you what Pong is.

This legendary game appears on our list of the best 70s toys of all time and Atari’s own 50th Anniversary Collection. Two strong accolades of equal value, in our humble opinion ;).

Pong is one of Atari’s first video games, releasing way back in November of 1972. This also makes it one of the oldest video games in history. At least in the generation that we think of video games coming into their own and establishing themselves as a popular category of entertainment.

Electronic games in some form actually began appearing back in the late 1940s and early 1950s, with one of the very first essentially being the predecessor to Pong.

Tennis for Two was created in 1958, and is thought of as one of the first implementations of electronics with a display and user control functionality for the sole purpose of entertainment.

Where Pong was the natural progression for Tennis for Two, the brand new qomp2 is the same amelioration, but on a whole other level.


Image Source: Atari

qomp2 is the official sequel to Pong and their elevator pitch is “what would happen if the pong ball escaped the paddles?

And, while that cute pixelated ball has escaped that familiar devoid stage, it has now entered into something much more daunting.

The game itself is absolutely beautiful, and it offers so many interesting and exciting environments for that pong ball to circumnavigate.

qomp2 will offer an immense amount of diversity and challenge for players of the contemporary generation. And longtime fans of the classic title will be blown away by what has become of Pong.

The stages implement a minimal graphic style, but they are anything but minimal. In fact, they have a pretty exciting aesthetic and the jagged edges and distorted textures inspire true unease and a justified concern for your safety.

Image Source: Atari

Whether it is the stage environment itself, the walls, the obstacles, unfriendly co-occupants, an obverse pong ball attempting to eliminate you to become the sole remaining pong ball, or what appears to be full on boss battles… something is constantly trying to stop you from escaping the world of qomp2.

I particularly appreciate the filter effects applied to the entire game, as well, which gives it the same feeling of playing Pong on an old CRT television.

Yet another fantastic detail that makes qomp2 quite appealing to the eye and adds to the intrigue.

All signs are pointing to a pretty enjoyable experience with a focus on puzzle solving and survival in a dangerous world.

Release Information

After having been teased by Atari and Graphite Lab last year, qomp2 finally has an official release date of February 20th, 2024.

qomp2 will be coming to Windows PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and Series X|S, and the PlayStation 4 and 5.

So there is absolutely no excuse for you to miss out on this absolutely incredible follow up to Pong that took over 50 years to get right. Good things truly come to those who wait.

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