Nintendo Switch Flashcart Causes Concern

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A website selling a Nintendo Switch flashcart that allows users to ‘back up’ their physical games is a cause for concern among gaming enthusiasts.

The new flashcart for Nintendo Switch, the Mig Switch, appears to be manufactured by Team Xecuter, the piracy and hacking group, whose members Gary Bowser and and Max Louarn, were brought to justice after selling hacking tools for profit.

Bowser was ordered to pay over $10 million to Nintendo and sentenced to 40 months imprisonment in February 2020.

A separate game dumper is also listed for sale alongside the Nintendo Switch flashcart. The flashcart supposedly allows users to access their game libraries regardless of which Nintendo Switch version they own or which firmware they are running.

It wouldn’t surprise anyone if Nintendo’s lawyers have already started to collect evidence against the creators of this Switch flashcart and will be keen to suppress the device with immediate effect as it flies in the face of Nintendo’s Anti-Piracy Programme.

Preservation Not Piracy

Nintendo Switch Flashcart Causes Concern

While people may wish to back up their Nintendo Switch games using a device like this new flashcart in the name of game preservation, the opportunities for illegal practices are too obvious to ignore or endorse.

We don’t condone illegal activity of any kind at Retro Dodo and instead look to the rights holders to preserve our precious video games for the future.

Video games deserve recognition for the joy and artistry they bring to our lives and the creators behind our favourite titles deserve payment for their invaluable work.

Organisations such as The Embracer Games Archive are hard at work curating an extensive library of physical games to preserve games for the future in a legal way.

You can preserve your own collections of the best Nintendo Switch games by ensuring you treat the carts with care and respect and popping them back into their cases when you’ve finished playing.

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