Five Rare Developed Games Coming To Nintendo Switch Online Today

A bevy of Rare games are heading to Nintendo Switch Online later today following a surprise announcement this afternoon. The addition of five classic Rare games landing on Nintendo Switch Online today came towards the end of Nintendo’s latest Partner Direct on the company’s official YouTube channel. The five titles making their way onto Nintendo’s […]

Monster Hunter Stories HD Coming To Nintendo Switch This Year

monster hunter stories hd

In today’s Nintendo Direct it was revealed that Monster Hunter Stories which was originally released on the Nintendo 3DS is being ported to Nintendo Switch in HD. Not only will the game be in high definition it will also come fully voiced too! “As a rider you’ll befriend and fight alongside Monsters in turn based […]

Contra: Operation Galuga┬áRevealed & Launching In “Early 2024”

contra operation caluga

Contra: Operation Galuga was revealed on today’s Nintendo Direct, which we might add was jam packed with retro gaming news. From Tomb Raider Remastered, to F-ZERO 99 being announced to Mario vs Donkey Kong returning to Switch, it was one heck of a direct! This new addition to the nostalgic Contract series sticks to its […]

F-ZERO 99 Battle Royale Launches Today Exclusively On NSO

f-zero 99

If you are a big F-ZERO fan then today’s Nintendo Direct brings some good news, because they have revealed the all new F-ZERO 99. I know, many of us was expecting the rumoured F-ZERO GX, but hey, any F-ZERO game is a plus in our books. It’s a new take on the original F-ZERO that […]

New 2D Super Mario Bros. Wonder Announced At Nintendo Direct

Super Mario Bros. Wonder

Nintendo shocked us all at their latest Nintendo Direct with the announcement of the next installment in the 2D Mario series, Super Mario Bros. Wonder. And needless to say, this game is looking absolutely stunning and like a ton of fun. That was a pretty wild Nintendo Direct absolutely stuffed full of incredible new content. […]

WarioWare: MoveIt! “Party Game” Announced For Nintendo Switch

warioware moveit

WariorWare has been an incredible game series for those that want micro games, even dating back to the original Gameboy Advance, but now it’s making a come back on modern hardware. If you’re after a video game where you pick giant noses for bogies, or to watch the back of a turtle shell then today’s […]

Super Mario RPG Remake Announced At Nintendo Direct

Super Mario RPG Remake

In totally unexpected and wildly exciting news, a remake of the classic title Super Mario RPG has just been announced at the Nintendo Direct! Of all of the classic SNES titles discussed to possibly be announced today, that was not high on the list of ones we expected. Lots of talk about Earthbound, Chrono Trigger, […]

Nintendo Reveals NEW Trailer for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet DLC

Nintendo’s huge success with Pokemon Scarlet & Violet means there’s more details on the upcoming DLC known as The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero. In today’s Nintendo Direct, Pokemon revealed an all new trailer featuring a closer look at characters, areas and Pokemon! Part 1: Teal Mask You are quickly introduced to Carmine as soon […]

Nintendo Shadow Drops Metroid Prime Remastered For Switch

metroid prime remastered

I honestly did not see this coming, if there was a shadow drop, my money was on Advance Wars 1+2: Reboot, but that release date was announced for April. The classic Metroid Prime was released for the Gamecube on 18th November 2002, now over 20 years later Nintendo releases it out of nowhere. Thanks for […]