Five Rare Developed Games Coming To Nintendo Switch Online Today

A bevy of Rare games are heading to Nintendo Switch Online later today following a surprise announcement this afternoon.

The addition of five classic Rare games landing on Nintendo Switch Online today came towards the end of Nintendo’s latest Partner Direct on the company’s official YouTube channel.

The five titles making their way onto Nintendo’s subscription service are:

  • Snake Rattle N’ Roll
  • R.C Pro-Am
  • Battletoads In Battlemaniacs
  • Killer Instinct
  • Blast Corps

Blast Corps is available only with the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack while the four other Rare games will arrive free of charge to Nintendo Switch Online Subscribers.

Snake Rattle N’ Roll and R.C Pro-Am both hail from the original NES, while Battletoads In Battlmaniacs debuted on the SNES, and Blast Corps originally blew up on the N64.

Killer Instinct first introduced its primal brawling gameplay in arcades back in 1994 and it’s great to see another beat ’em up on Nintendo Switch Online.

A Great Direct For Retro Gamers

Rare Games Nintendo Switch Online

The five Rare games landing on Nintendo Switch Online weren’t the only great news for fans of retro gaming.

Other games making welcome returns include Epic Mickey: Rebrushed and a Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection. Nintendo also revealed a new Switch-exclusive Super Monkey Ball game. The announcement has sent our Video Producer Rob Page going absolutely bananas around the office.

Today’s Partner Direct showcase was finally confirmed by Nintendo yesterday following rampant speculation from fans clamouring for information regarding upcoming games for the Nintendo Switch in 2024.

Today’s Partner Direct isn’t the only Nintendo-focused showcase this month, however. A special Pokémon Presents drops next week to unveil a number of new projects in the Pokémon universe.

You can watch the entire Nintendo Partner Direct in the video below and experience all the exciting reveals, including the five Rare games coming to Nintendo Switch Online, in the 25-minute-long presentation.

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