Contra: Operation Galuga Revealed & Launching In “Early 2024”

contra operation caluga

Contra: Operation Galuga was revealed on today’s Nintendo Direct, which we might add was jam packed with retro gaming news.

From Tomb Raider Remastered, to F-ZERO 99 being announced to Mario vs Donkey Kong returning to Switch, it was one heck of a direct!

This new addition to the nostalgic Contract series sticks to its roots and is a thorough reimagining of the classic chaotic run ‘n’ gun style.

Nintendo only revealed a short trailer, with no real information about the story line, but it gave us a good sense of what to expect.

contra operation galuga puzzle

The design remains similar to the originals, alongside the soundtrack, the colours and the menacing enemies.

It features modern graphics but stylised to keep to its roots, it features a wide number of new stages, countless new enemies, and some unique bosses that require you to play with the new mechanics and updated weapons.

You can still play co-op with your friend in story mode or hook up to floor players in arcade mode.

Contra: Operation Galuga by Konami is releasing in “early 2024”.

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