F-ZERO 99 Battle Royale Launches Today Exclusively On NSO

f-zero 99

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If you are a big F-ZERO fan then today’s Nintendo Direct brings some good news, because they have revealed the all new F-ZERO 99.

I know, many of us was expecting the rumoured F-ZERO GX, but hey, any F-ZERO game is a plus in our books.

It’s a new take on the original F-ZERO that launched on the SNES back in 1990, but this time you get to face off with 98 other players in hopes that you are the last man standing.

You get to race on classic tracks from the original game alongside the same loved machines too. Each track has only been altered slightly, showcasing that the start of the match each machine has space to bottleneck onto the original course.

Like the original you have a power meter that you need to keep an eye on to boost you through the level, however in F-ZERO 99 if your power meter hits zero you will explode and exit the match.

You power meter gets reduced every time it hits the guard rails or another pilot, making it an incredibly hard and frustrating game to begin with, but then challenging and exciting once you hit the top 25.

If you are feeling risky you can spend some of your power meter to speed boost, but be warned, don’t spend it all at once as you’ll need to preserve this meter to stay in the game.

There’s a new super spark meter that you need to fill, you can do this by collecting super sparks that bounce off other pilots clashing with each other.

f-zero 99 sky way

Fill this meter and you can eject yourself into the air and attach yourself to a new “sky way” track with less pilots and shortcuts, giving you a temporary advantage in the race.

There’s also additional ways to customise your machines and unlock cosmetic items to show off to the other 98 pilots.

F-ZERO 99 is available exclusively on the Nintendo Switch Online store some time “today”.

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