WarioWare: MoveIt! “Party Game” Announced For Nintendo Switch

warioware moveit

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WariorWare has been an incredible game series for those that want micro games, even dating back to the original Gameboy Advance, but now it’s making a come back on modern hardware.

If you’re after a video game where you pick giant noses for bogies, or to watch the back of a turtle shell then today’s Nintendo Direct is for you.

There’s a wide range of games spotted in the trailer, from petting a dog, ski-ing, running, dancing, eating sushi, racing, boxing and more.

There’s a total of 200 micro games within WarioWare: MoveIt!

There’s also local co-op too, so you can play with a friend (or three extra friends) and start getting competitive. There’s no detail regarding if all games are co-op friendly, but there’s certainly plenty to go around.

This looks like a mayhem of low quality games, but because they are all fast-paced and completely random each is welcomed in excitement, not knowing what to do until the game begins with minor instructions.

It’s going to be perfect for families, or for those of you that like to travel with friends!

WarioWare: MoveIt! releases on Nintendo Switch on November 3rd 2023 and pre-orders are already available!

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