Anbernic’s Upcoming Ergonomic RG556 Handheld Has Leaked

Anbernic RG556

Images of the latest offering from Anbernic, the Anbernic RG556, have started to emerge on Chinese social media websites. And from what we can tell, this is going to be one of their most comfortable and powerful handhelds in a very long time. It’s as if they are seeing the interest in AYN’s new products, […]

Anbernic RG35XX H Release Date and Price Announced

Anbernic RG35xx H

Anbernic has announced that they will begin taking orders for their new RG35XX H handheld beginning this Friday, January 5th. The RG35XX H is Anbernic’s latest offering from their long line of candybar shaped horizontal emulation devices. It combines the best from their latest budget emulator, the RG35XX Plus, and puts it in the form […]

Powkiddy RGB30 Review – Starting A New Handheld Style?

Powkiddy RGB30

Today’s review is based on my own personal experience with what is probably my favorite handheld of 2023 – the Powkiddy RGB30. What makes it particularly special is the unique 4 inch square format display. This display makes the RGB30 an absolutely perfect device for early retro handheld console emulation, especially anything 8-bit. And by […]

Powkiddy Reveals New RGB30 With Square Display

Powkiddy RGB30

New images of the Powkiddy RGB30 have just been shared with Retro Dodo, and this is looking like the next best way to play retro games. It seems like Powkiddy has been listening in on my private conversations, because a device with a screen like this is exactly what I’ve been asking about. A square […]

Powkiddy RGB10MAX3 Pro Review – A Surprising Handheld

Powkiddy RGB10MAX3 Pro

Today I have the pleasure of introducing our readers to an awesome new handheld emulator stepping onto the scene, the Powkiddy RGB10MAX3 Pro. I was fortunate enough to get my hands on this device quite early. Which means that I am one of very few people to actually experience the RGB10MAX3 Pro in person yet. […]

Anbernic Reveals New Grips For The RG405M

RG405M Grip

We were surprised to wake up to an announcement that Anbernic is now selling silicon grip attachments for the RG405M handheld. From what we can tell, this is Anbernic’s first attempt at a grip for one of their game consoles. And honestly, they seem to have done a pretty good job at it! With the […]

Powkiddy RK2023 Review – A Practical Handheld By Powkiddy

Powkiddy RK2023

Powkiddy recently announced the release of the new RK2023, and we were both very surprised and a bit disappointed. We were surprised because we had heard absolutely nothing about the device before it was available to purchase, and we hear lots of rumors! And the disappointment came from the looks of the device and its […]

Powkiddy is Ghost Dropping the New RK2023 Today

Powkiddy RK2023

Powkiddy is to release their latest horizontal format handheld later today, and that handheld is the new RK2023. This is one we had not heard of up until yesterday when Powkiddy gave developers the go-ahead to share the news. I got that early info yesterday, but of course the news has spread like wildfire within […]

The Smart Pro is Trimui’s New BIG Console

For a company known for affordable mini consoles, Trimui aims big with their new concept: The Trimui Smart Pro. Trimui surely hopes to create a new device that can take them to the top of the mountain with the likes of Anbernic or GoRetroid. We originally anticipated this would compete with consoles like the Retroid […]