Anbernic Reveals New Grips For The RG405M

RG405M Grip

We were surprised to wake up to an announcement that Anbernic is now selling silicon grip attachments for the RG405M handheld.

From what we can tell, this is Anbernic’s first attempt at a grip for one of their game consoles. And honestly, they seem to have done a pretty good job at it!

With the RG405M being one of their best looking and performing handhelds to come out in recent times, we are quite happy to see this accessory being offered.

RG405M Silicon Grip

The new silicon grip accessory for the Anbernic RG405M is made from a very flexible material.

It is currently offered in a transparent white colorway. No mention of additional color options coming later.

If I had to pick something to gripe about, it would be that we do not have a close color match for the two available models of the RG405M. But this is common with grip accessories, and not a deal breaker.

RG405M Grip
Image Source: Anbernic

Really, Anbernic seems to have done a great job with the design of the grip.

The grip has the appropriate openings for all of the buttons and ports to allow for things like your headphones and usb-c cables to still be attached without removing the grip.

Obviously, ergonomics are the whole purpose here. And this does appear to add that additional comfort for longer game play.

It’s a silicon grip accessory, so there’s not much more that we can say about it. But we are not upset about this offering from Anbernic.

We love the RG405M, and this grip just gives players that added comfort if you need it.

We like it. Good job Anbernic.

The new Anbernic RG405M silicon grip sells for $13.99 USD, and is available to purchase on the Anbernic website right now.

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