Anbernic RG35XX H Release Date and Price Announced

Anbernic RG35xx H

Anbernic has announced that they will begin taking orders for their new RG35XX H handheld beginning this Friday, January 5th.

The RG35XX H is Anbernic’s latest offering from their long line of candybar shaped horizontal emulation devices.

It combines the best from their latest budget emulator, the RG35XX Plus, and puts it in the form factor of familiar devices like the RG353M or the RG351P.

Anbernic RG35xx H
Image Source: Anbernic

You may be asking yourself why Anbernic would offer a device like this when they already have those previously mentioned handhelds, which are painfully similar in both aesthetics and capabilities.

I don’t entirely disagree with this sentiment; The RG35XX H really does not offer us anything new. But what it does do is take all of what Anbernic has learned over the past few years and apply those improvements to a fresh new device.

Features like a bezel-free screen, Bluetooth, built-in WIFI, HDMI output, and a built-in vibration rumble motor are all great examples of Anbernic making sure the new RG35XX H packs everything the fans want in one handheld.

So it’s a really awesome “best of” device that serves as a great representation of what budget emulation devices should be.

For that reason, we believe that this is a pretty good device for those who already have Anbernic products in their collection. And it is especially great for someone who has not yet had the pleasure of owning a handheld emulation console.

Orders Opening Soon

Anbernic RG35xx H
Image Source: Anbernic

Anbernic is primed to open up orders for the new RG35XX H on January 5th at 2am PST (Pacific Standard Time).

For those around the world – that’s 5am Eastern, 10am in the UK, and 6pm in Shenzhen, China where Anbernic is located.

The introductory price is $62.99 USD for the first 48 hours, and then will revert to the regular price of $67.99 USD.

So if you’re hoping to add an awesome horizontal format emulation device to your personal collection, hop on the Anbernic website or Aliexpress this coming Friday!

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