Powkiddy Reveals New RGB30 With Square Display

Powkiddy RGB30

New images of the Powkiddy RGB30 have just been shared with Retro Dodo, and this is looking like the next best way to play retro games.

It seems like Powkiddy has been listening in on my private conversations, because a device with a screen like this is exactly what I’ve been asking about.

A square format large screen is going to be the perfect fit for all of the early retro systems that I love.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at what is inside the new RGB30.

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Update August 20, 2023: We have gotten some important specs from Powkiddy, further adding to the excitement about this new device. 

Most notably, they confirmed a 4 inch IPS display at 720x720 pixels (no touchscreen). They also shared that this new device uses a 4100mAh battery, and its final dimensions are 145mm x 86.5mm x 18mm. 

The spec sheet also mentioned built in WIFI and Bluetooth. Not sure if the mention of Bluetooth is correct, but that is a new detail we didn't expect.

The RGB30 Is Now Up For Pre-Sale here, starting at $89.99 for early birds.

Powkiddy RGB30

Powkiddy RGB30

The Powkiddy RGB30 is a brand new Linux-based handheld emulator in horizontal format.

What makes it particularly special is the screen. Not only is it a 4 inch display, which is something a lot of people have been asking about…

It also appears to be a square one-to-one proportion display. Which is exactly what I have been hoping to see in the handheld scene for a while.

We have seen a 1×1 format screen in the past, such as in the Retro Pixel Pocket. But we have not yet seen it in a device we actually like.

What would make a square display particularly special is that you would be able to maximize your viewing area for the absolute best retro video game console – the Nintendo Game Boy.

Yes, no matter how powerful these handheld emulators get, I am still just looking for the best way to play Tetris for the Game Boy.

analogue pocket vs modded gameboy vs handheld emulator
Analogue Pocket – Original Game Boy Color – Anbernic RG351v

The RG351V is still my favorite way to play retro games, but I still get those black borders on the sides of the screen when I play Game Boy.

So other than original hardware with screens that are too small for my liking, the Analogue Pocket is still the best way to play Game Boy and achieve maximum screen size.

The new RGB30 could solve this problem in the handheld scene and give us a great new way to enjoy retro games.

Of course, a square screen still works great for other game systems, and you can still enjoy a ton of retro games on that beautiful large screen.

More Details

The Powkiddy RGB30 will be able to play many of our favorite retro game consoles with ease with the familiar RK3566 CPU.

We’ve seen that chipset many times now. It’s inside the ANBERNIC RG353PS, the Powkiddy RK2023, and the ANBERNIC RG353M.

We know this chip, we love this chip. It’s a perfect chip for retro gaming. Which means that it can very easily handle everything up to 64-bit consoles.

It will play Game Boy, Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, and reach all the way into Nintendo 64, Playstation 1, Dreamcast, Nintendo DS, and PSP.

It’s not going to play Game Cube or Playstation 2 like some of the other devices releasing right now. But we know that this device is not intended for that.

We know with the choice of a square 4 inch display that Powkiddy had the retro fans in mind.

That does make us question why they would bother having two analogue sticks on the device. But that does seem to be a choice these handheld makers are going with even if they are a bit useless for retro.

Oh, and I almost forgot one of the important details; this thing has WIFI! So all of your retro achievements and game scraping is going to work on this one too.

So as you can see, the new Powkiddy RBG30 is going to be the next best way to play early retro games on the go.


It should be obvious by now that I am pretty excited about this particular handheld.

I don’t necessarily love some of the “edgy” design choices. But they are certainly forgivable in a Linux device with a 4 inch 1×1 screen and WIFI.

Powkiddy really delivered something we needed in the handheld scene with this one.

Powkiddy RGB10MAX3 Pro
Powkiddy RGB10MAX3 Pro

The addition of WIFI on the RGB30 will bump the price up just a bit more than its bigger brother, Powkiddy RGB10MAX3 Pro.

So I am anticipating this device to come in at just around $125USD.

Knowing Powkiddy’s history in 2023, we anticipate that this one will be coming very soon.

They tend to give us reviewers the go-ahead to post these early impression articles when they will announce the device in a week or two.

And you know we’ll be keeping you updated as more details are revealed.

Where To Buy Powkiddy RB30

The Powkiddy RGB30 is now for sale on their website, starting at $89.99 for early birds or $109.99 retail price.

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