Retro Gamers Talk: Star Fox Assault Remastered Is Rumoured To Be In Development

Star Fox Assault GC cover

A new rumour is doing the rounds about a remastered version of Star Fox Assault heading our way from Nintendo HQ. Yes, the epic GameCube game could well be heading to us before we know it with a brand new look after almost 20 years.

Like Metroid, Star Fox hasn’t seen a lot of love lately. Nintendo has chosen to focus on Zelda, Mario, and Pokémon. And to be honest, as three of the biggest franchises in gaming, I guess you can’t blame them. But there are a lot of die-hard Star Fox fans, myself included, that would love another Star Fox title – remaster, or original. And while I would love a remastered version of Star Fox Adventures to head my way, I’m happy with the idea of Star Fox Assault coming to the Nintendo Switch to tie me over to when the Nintendo Switch 2 drops. Plus let’s face it, the Wii U offering didn’t get a great reception, so it’s about time we kickstarted the series with a bang!

From whom did this rumour come, I hear you ask. Well, we’ve got Zippo to thank for this one, a Nintendo leaker who has mixed success with their predictions but has undeniably got some spot-on in the past.

Is A GameCube Classic Returning To The Fold?

Speaking on their blog, Zippo states that ‘One of the best GameCube games of all time is making a comeback’. Apparently, Bandai Namco Studios is taking up the reigns once more and bringing the game back to us in 60FPS with 1080p visuals and online play. That would be an absolute dream to play with friends at weekends and over the holidays!

What I love the most about this leak is the excitement from Zippo; love or hate predictions like this, it’s nice to read something from a genuine Retro Gaming fan who is so excited about a classic title coming back to the fold. As Zippo says, it’s an underrated game and one that implements the foot-padding quests of Star Fox Adventures with the aerial combat of Star Fox 64 – the best of both worlds, in my opinion!

A New Game On The Horizon?

Zippo signs off with something that has really piqued my interest; ‘Alongside this remaster, there is a brand new Star Fox game in development at Nintendo EPD, as well as several multimedia Star Fox projects. I’ll have more on those soon.

The last Star Fox game that we received wasn’t really a Star Fox game at all; Starlink: Battle for Atlas has Fox Mcloud in it, but only on the Switch, and the game isn’t really based around him at all. This further adds to my point that Nintendo hasn’t really shown a lot of love for Fox in recent years, but we’re hoping that’s about to change and a new title enters the Star Fox catalogue.

If Nintendo were about to release a remastered version of a GameCube game, then that would test the water to see how sales went and what demand there was for a new Star Fox title. I can already tell you now that it’s pretty high in the Retro Dodo camp! Assumedly then, the Switch 2 would be the perfect place for such a historic Nintendo character to arrive on a brand new title (come on Star Fox Adventures 2; I’ll keep everything crossed!). Plus, don’t forget that Nintendo filed a new trademark for Star Fox recently, adding more weight to Zippo’s rumour.

Will The Nintendo Direct Bring Answers?

As of this moment, I don’t know whether Zippo is correct or when these games might arrive, but I’m really hoping that they are and that we get a whiff of a new Star Fox game from the next Nintendo Direct this June. I’ve got a strong feeling that the Direct is going to be all about remastered titles; we know we’re not getting any news on the Nintendo Switch 2, and I think most new titles will be dropping on the new console anyway. So, remakes of Star Fox and possibly some Zelda titles to tie us over? Yes please; sign me up!

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