Ranking Every Star Fox Game (From Best To Worst)

Take to the skies; it’s time to check out the best Star Fox Games of all time!

Forget Maverick or Goose; there has never been a better team than Fox, Slippy, Peppy, and Falco.

To be fair, ‘Goose’ would have fit in better with Star Fox’s team than with Maverick, but I digress.

Star Fox is a Nintendo legend. These games have always been cutting edge; I guess you could say that the developers always saw the sky as the limit.

I guess you could also say it’s been a long day and my jokes aren’t what they used to be.

Star Fox has seen many outings on many different consoles, handheld and home, usually always with his trusty team behind him.

Still, there have been a couple of games that deviate from the norm, though you’l have to read through the list to pick them out.

1. Star Fox 64 (1997)

best Star Fox Games - Star fox 64 games case n64

The results are in; Star Fox 64 is officially the best Star Fox game of all time!

Listen, there’s nothing scarier in gaming than Andross’ looming face taunting you in that opening sequence. I still class him as one of the true villains with Darth Vader and the baron from Dune.

And let’s face it; anyone heartless enough to kill James McCloud is bad news.

Enter the Star Fox Crew to save the day. Hitting that Double-Laser power-up and doing loops in the sky while battling massive robots will never… ever get old.

I still reckon this is one of the hardest games on the N64 you know. This and Jet Force Gemini are probably what made me go bald in later life.

Can you remember how impressive the box was too? This huge case came with a Rumble Park, the little accessory that changed everything.

Star Fox 64 just wouldn’t be the same without trembling hands when hitting the deck or smashing into the side of a mountain.

Everything about this game from the character dialogue to the arcing storyline and chance to go down different routes is awesome. It’s truly a perfect game and a worthy champion of our list.

2. Star Fox Adventures (2002)

star fox adventures gamecube

Star Fox Adventures will always be one of my favourite GameCube game of all time. I mean, who knew that taking Fox out of the sky and giving a bad-ass staff and a foxy girlfriend would make him even more badass!

This is without a doubt one of the best GameCube games for the console. Remove Andross and add in an evil Dino general and loads of dinosaur henchmen.

Yep, Dinosaur Planet is in danger, and the Earthwalker Tribe need Fox’s help!

Star Fox Adventures gameplay
image credit: nintendo

Fox has now partnered up with Krystal, a warrior who had her home destroyed by General Scales. It’s a RARE classic from the off, feeling like Donkey Kong 64 and Banjo combined with Zelda thrown in for good measure.

That’s high praise alright!

Collect heart pieces, fight with your staff, unlock items by completing challenges and puzzles…

Ok, it’s like Link put on a Fox mask and turned into our favourite long-tailed hero!

3. Star Fox (1993)

Star Fox game case cover art
image credit: nintendo

Star Fox takes the bronze medal in this list of the best Star Fox games! This forward facing shooter kicked everything off for Fox and the gang.

Not only that, but this game utilised the full force of the Super FX Chip, meaning it was also one of the best looking and smoothest shooters of its time too.

Oooo I bet Sega were miffed when it came out!

Star Fox SNES
image credit: nintendo

Is there a space character as cool as Falco Lombardi? The guy is unflappable, which is funny considering he’s a bird.

Until Rogue Squadron dropped into my life, this game basically filled the fighter-pilot shaped hole in my life. Firing torpedos and listening to Peppy Hare chastise me at every moment…

Ah, those were the days!

4. Star Fox 64 3D (2011)

starfox 64 3d nintendo 3ds

Star Fox 64 3D doesn’t really need any introductions – it’s a 3D version of Star Fox 64.

And if you didn’t get the from the intro, then there really is no helping you.

If you’ve played the original game on the N64, then you’ll already recognise all the levels, power-ups, and characters.

Star Fox 64 3D gameplay
image credit: nintendo

The main new features are a slick scoring mode where you can try to beat your score on a level, and a camera function that allows you to see your mates.

Yep, when playing multiplayer, you can see their annoyed faces when you blast them out of the sky.

Apart from that, it’s one of the most iconic titles from the Nintendo 64 turned 3D, popping out of your handheld just like Fox was flying around your living room.

I might have exaggerated slightly there…

5. Star Fox Assault (2005)

starfox assault gamecube

Star Fox Assault is up next, a game that I came to later on in my gaming life. Still, I’ve made up for that blunder by playing it over and over… and over ever since.

Your mission – to battle Aparoids over Dinosaur Planet, the setting for another Star Fox game further down this list. The scenery is remarkable, and with a decent HDMI set up, looks incredible on any modern TV!

Star Fox Assault gameplay
image credit: nintendo

You know why I like this game so much? It’s pretty much a mixture between Star For Adventures and Star Fox 64, two of my favourite Star Fox games ever.

No surprises for what’s coming up then eh!

I know Andross is a looming presence in the universe and that fate of the world rests on your Arwing’s shoulders, but come on; don’t you just want to soar around taking in the scenery for a while?

Surely no one will know if you bunk off for a little while, right?

6. Star Fox 2 (2017)

Star Fox 2 game case cover art
image credit: nintendo

Star Fox 2 was never actually released as a SNES game in its own right. When the SNES Classic Mini dropped in 2017, Star Fox 2 released as a new game with the console.

Which means that not only is the SNES Classic Mini one of the most beloved mini consoles around, it also holds a slice of genuine gaming history!

This sequel to the original Star Fox game (don’t worry, it’s coming) dropped on the SNES Classic Mini 24 years after the original game. Now, it’s part of the Nintendo Switch Online SNES library too!

star fox 2 snes
image credit: nintendo

As well as the usual suspects that accompany Fox, players can chose from Fay the Dog or Miyu the Lynx. Spice things up a little and put Fox to one side.

Defend Corneria from evil force. If the damage reaches 100%, it’s game over!

Ok, so it’s not as good-looking as some of the newer Star Fox games comparatively as I sit here writing this, but it’s more a nostalgia piece than anything else. And I’ve gotta admit, it is incredibly addictive!

7. Starlink: Battle for Atlas (2018)

image credit: ubisoft

Starlink: Battle for Atlas on the Switch has Fox in it, so it definitely qualifies for our list.

I mean, what’s the point in playing any other version?

If you’ve never heard of Starlink before, then get ready for a nice surprise. You see, players can actually build their own star ship in real time outside of the game to affect the craft in the game.

How cool is that!

Starlink: battle for atlas gameplay
image credit: ubisoft

Just look at those graphics too. It might not be the at the top of this best Star Fox games list, but it’s certainly the best looking.

Players can go wild with parts, guns, wings, pilots, and tons of other customisable features. Make the ultimate war machine in real time and see it come to life on the screen!

Be Warner though; every move you make in this game has a direct effect on how the rest of the game plays out. Annoy the wrong people and you’ll be regretting it for the entire game!

8. Star Fox Guard (2016)

Star Fox Guard game case Nintendo Wii U
image credit: nintendo

It’s time for Slippy Toad, and weirdly Grippy Toad, to take the limelight in Star Fox Guard. They’re trying to stop their Metalworks business from falling foul of robot attackers.

Yeah, there’s nothing weird about that in the slightest, right?

Star Fox Guard gameplay
image credit: nintendo

Ok, the premise doesn’t sound much like a normal Star Fox game, but stick with me.

You know how Hyrule Warriors is addictive? Well, this constant swarm-attacking game is super stress relieving and fun at the same time.

Players watch cameras, but not like in a strange Night Trap way like on the Sega CD. Instead, players must use their Wii U GamePad and click between cameras to shoot down enemies trying to encroach on Toad Industries!

You can even go up against your mates to challenge their strongholds with enemy waves of your own!

9. Star Fox Zero (2016)

Star Fox Zero wii u
image credit: nintendo

The Wii U didn’t have many amazing titles, but Star Fox Zero was certainly up there with the greatest for the console.

This space-age shooter sees a bit of action from Fox’s father James and his betrayal from Pigma, though it mostly follows Fox, Peppy, Slippy, and Falco kicking ass through the Lylatt System once more.

Star Fox Zero gameplay
image credit: nintendo

One of the best bits about this game; the Arwing turning into a walker. It’s like Fox’s very own version of a Star Wars AT-ST. Twinned with the super cool landmaster hover tank and the Gyrowing, there’s so many sweet vehicles on hand to spice up the usual action.

Listen; don’t skip the training session here. It’s important to figure out how all these ships work if you’re going to be successful in your missions.

The story mode comprises of missions when’re players must complete certain tasks, powering up their crafts in order to destroy everything in sight.

And, if you have a friend you can trust, you can split the controls of your craft with them and Han and Luke Millennium Falcon-style.

10. Star Fox Command (2006)

starfox command nintendo ds
image credit: nintendo

Peppy Hare is finally coming into his own and taking over as General Pepper’s replacement. Seems quite convenient as the Lylatt System needs saving AGAIN!

It’s time to take Fox and the gang back into action once more, flying through the skies in Arwings in Star Fox Command, a classic DS game from 2006.

Star Fox Command gameplay
image credit: nintendo

Take part into 30 different missions in the main single-player mode. Like The Legend of Zelda, Spirit Tracks, players use their stylus to move Fox and his team. Hit the screen to fire bombs and press any action button bar start to shoot from your laser cannons.

If you want to get into some serious battle action, then up to six people can take to this skies over Wi-Fi for futuristic dog fighting action!

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