Sonic The Hedgehog Happy Meals Race Into McDonald’s UK Restaurants

Sonic happy meal set

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Happy Meals were everything when I was a kid, and now that Sonic the Hedgehog Happy Meals are available at McDonald’s counters throughout the UK, I think I might be heading down to get a tiny burger and fries once more this very afternoon!

The clue is in the name; Happy Meal. They surprised us, made us feel excited and… well, happy every time we opened one up. They are like an impromptu Christmas present with the addition of a burger, fries, and a sugary drink all wrapped up into one amazing box.

And this time, that box has Sonic’s face on it!

I also need to point out that you can get fruit in them these days too, but I’m being nostalgic and going back to a time where McDonald’s had Hamburglar and Ronald McDonald on the walls.

Man, I’m getting old!

Let’s take a look at these Sonic the Hedgehog Happy Meals and see what’s on offer, shall we?

Make Sonic A Happy Hedgehog By Visiting McDonalds!

Sonic the Hedgehog happy meals toys

The official trailer was filled with exciting images of Sonic speeding past Happy Meal boxes and his friends running alongside him, but it didn’t actually show much of what’s on offer for fans to collect.

And after seeing the images above, I’m not sure that these will be joining the ranks of the greatest Happy Meal Toys to ever grace McDonald’s tables like Sonic’s other entries in the Happy Meal gift line.

Still, I’m going to collect them all regardless because I’m a huge nerd, and nerds always need new things to dust on their shelves, right?

Initial images show Sonic on a futuristic hoverboard as well as sticker sets and jigsaws. There are 12 toys to collect, or you can opt out of a toy and have a non-Sonic themed book instead.

I’ve got plenty of books McDonalds, give me the Hedgehog every time!

Sonic spinning past a happy meal box
Credit: Sega/McDonald’s

The fun doesn’t end there, however. There’s a QR code on the side of every Sonic the Hedgehog Happy Meal box, giving diners the chance to access a digital Sonic experience, collecting rings and completing missions.

Sonic really is the gift that keeps on giving!

We’ve covered some exciting food/gaming crossovers in the past such as these Pac Man Pork Belly Buns and many other McDonalds promotions, with SEGA teaming up with the fast-food giants on many occasions.

Sonic will always make us excited, and we’re looking forward to joining Amy, Knuckles, Tails, and the blue blur himself on their latest adventures!

The promotion is available until February 6th here in the UK, so move as fast as Sonic and don’t delay!

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